How To Care For A Jade Plant Outside

Jade plant growing outdoors

Most people think of the Jade Plant as an indoor plant. But Jade will grow outside. The care is a little more restrictive in its conditions than indoor cultivation. But worth it. Use a well draining soil and plenty of light. [MORE]

How To Root A Jade Plant: Starting A Jade From A Cutting

rooted jade plant cutting

Crassula argentea – the Jade Plant – few plants are as easy to care for as this attractive succulent. In time jade starts to look like a small tree. Click on this article to learn more about Jade plant growing and care. [DETAILS]

How To Grow Jade Plants Outdoors

Bonsai style of a Crassula ovata gollum succulent plant in a plastic pot. Bright blue sky background.

Jade plants (Crassula ovata) are popular indoor plants. Growing jade plants outdoors is possible in areas with a dry, mild year-round climate. In the United States, Jade plants grow outdoors

How To Care For and Grow The Jade Plant: Video

Jade plant (Crassula ovata)

The jade plant, these small, sturdy succulents require simple care and a good reason it makes the Crassula ovata (its real name) a great houseplant for a beginner, the spider plant is another. Native