How to Make A Gorgeous Decorative Pond From Old Tires


If you are looking for a creative way to be friendly to the environment try using a recycled tire to “build” a backyard pond.

It’s a great idea, a wonderful way to make use of an old tire, plus a major benefit to reducing the amount of tires that otherwise end up at the local dump. Other benefits include:

  • Creating a little oasis in your backyard for you to enjoy along with providing a water source for “critters” especially in areas of drought.
  • Tires come in a wide variety of sizes so no matter the size of your yard you can get creative!

Basically, the tire is the “form” and sides for your pond. Put in a liner and landscape around the pond. It’s a smart use, plus an inexpensive, fun way to add a little character to your backyard landscape.

Check out the tutorial with images via: theownerbuildernetwork

Video: Redneck Fish Pond

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