Holiday Lights Made From Pool Noodles


There’s something special about outdoor lighting. We all enjoy the the lighting when everything is nice and dry, but when things get icy and wet, not so much!

But every once in a while we run across a project that makes us say – “Now That’s Cool”

A mother and daughter team – Steph & Vicki – shared a fun way to decorate for the upcoming holiday season. In fact, I see no reason you could not use this simple idea anytime of the year.

They created holiday pool noodle lights which would look great in any pond floating around.

They used a flower shaped or round pool noodle and picked up some immersible battery operated lights at Joann Fabrics. So there’s no need to worry about lights getting wet. The result is a decorated floating light.

This is one of those projects that get the conversation going! Check out the complete tutorial with images via

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