Growing Succulents 101 – A Guide For Beginners


These days, its hard to find any pinterest board or home decor inspiration blog and NOT see succulents featured in some way. Like this collection.

These hardy cactus-like plants have become trendy in a big way and can compliment any space or decor.

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Want to take advantage of this botanical trend but lacking a green thumb? No problem!

Succulents are surprisingly easy to care for and make a great plant for any skill level. Read on to get some DIY inspiration using succulents… Details via proflowers

One of the #1 questions asked when growing succulents is – “What soil should I use?

Answer: Any soil labeled for cactus or succulents will work. This one is a best seller along with the Espoma brand.

If you want more info on cactus potting soil read our detailed article here.

Check out this visual from Heiton Buckley

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