Caring For Crassula Mesembryanthemoides

Close up of Crassula mesembryanthemoides

Crassula Mesembryanthemoides (KRASS-oo-la, Mess-em-bree-AN-them-OY-deez) is a succulent subshrub belonging to the Crassulaceae family, along with the Echeveria plant, Sedum, and Aeonium.  The plant is native to South Africa. This evergreen

Crassula Multicava Care: How To Grow Fairy Crassula

Flowers and foliage of Crassula Multicava aka Fairy Crassula

Crassula multicava [KRASS-oo-la, mul-tee-KAV-uh] is a member of the family Crassulaceae hailing from South Africa where it is found growing naturally in Natal’s mountainous regions.  Multicava Crassula | Image: Salicyna