The Best Planting Tip I Never Shared!

Thomas Rainer is a landscape architect by profession and claims to be a gardener by obsession.

Thomas shared a great gardening tip he picked up that I’ve used for years but honestly never think about sharing.


This tip is SO SIMPLE: It is soaking root bound plants before planting. Very simple, but very important.

Why Soaking Works

A root bound plant needs extra water to keep it hydrated.

When planting in the ground, or transplanting in a pot the plant is entering “foreign soil.” The soil may be moist or almost dry.

If the surrounding soil is dry the soil will pull any excess moisture from the rootball.

By soaking the rootball before watering you’re giving the roots extra moisture to get established.

From Facebook: I read this article in early spring and have been doing this with everything I planted this year. Everything is growing really well for me (and I do NOT have a green thumb!!)

Read the complete article from Thomas… Use The Tip it’s a good one!

Image: Virginia Cooperative Extension

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