Tips On Watering Areca Palms

Areca palm growing in the landscape

Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens or Dypsis lutescens) hails from Madagascar. If you live in a natural tropical area such as USDA hardiness zones 9-11, you can grow this attractive tree

Tips On Watering Chinese Evergreen Plants

Chinese evergreen watering - How Much

Chinese Evergreen plants (Aglaonema) are popular houseplants as they can make any interior area pop with color. This is why several types of these plants have been grown for use

How Often To Water Christmas Cactus

watering Christmas Cactus

You can find Christmas cactus for sale in many settings throughout the holiday season. While you may think of these as just holiday plants to be tossed away in the

How Often Do You Water Croton Plants?

watering croton plants

Croton plants are popular indoors and outdoors, but this tropical plant can also be confusing at times. Most people tend to get especially confused when it comes to croton watering,

How Often To Water Dracaena Plants

watering Dracaena plants

Learning to water finicky Dracaena plants – the when and how much water is only the first step. For a healthy plant, consider the type of water too. Click on this article to learn more on watering Dracaena plants.

Calathea Watering: Why The Type Of Water Matters

correct calathea watering uses the right water

Several houseplants have become favorites among indoor plant enthusiasts, and Calatheas (prayer plant) have earned their spot in that list. From Calathea Freddie to the beautiful Calathea orbifolia, there are

Tips On How Do You Water Air Plants?

Learn to water air plants

Air plants may be easy to grow, but their very name can cause mass confusion when it comes to actual care procedures. One of the biggest debates is on watering

Tips on How Often To Water Aloe Plants

Watering aloe plant should be done with care

Overwatering is one of the easiest ways to kill your Aloe plant. Location, lighting, growing container and type of potting soil will all influence the watering schedule. [DETAILS]

Tips On Desert Rose Watering

Adenium desert rose in flower with water on blooms and leaves

Desert Roses are succulent plants, deciduous shrubs, and a small tree growing 4′ and 6′ feet tall. Botanically known as Adenium, it belongs to the genera Apocynaceae. It’s native to

What Is the Soak and Dry Watering Method?

Watering a cactus-succulent from above

Succulents are easy houseplants to keep alive. Although they don’t need much moisture, you do need to water your succulents. If you’ve ever had a succulent die on you, you

Should You Use Distilled Water For Plants?

Watering Ficus plants with distilled water

These days it’s becoming harder and harder to get pure water for your houseplants.  Tap water or municipal water often contains unwanted contaminants, and even rainwater is less than perfect. 

Echeveria Watering: How To Water Echeveria Plants

attractive echeveria succulent plant with a blue pink blush

In succulent Echeveria care, watering is often one of your most challenging tasks.  As with all succulents, overwatering a growing Echeveria can have disastrous results.  You’re much better off under

Wick Watering African Violet Plants

Blooming African Violet

African violets are beautiful flowering plants native to Kenya and Tanzania. These attractive violets are great to look at. The lush rosette of velvety leaves hidden under a mound of