Ficus Tineke Rubber Plant Care Guide

Rubber Plant like Tineke and its Lighting Requirements

What is a Ficus Elastica Tineke? The Tineke is a select variety of Ficus elastica and a “new” highly variegated rubber plant on the market. People love the camouflage foliage

How To Grow and Care for Ficus Elastica Ruby Plants

Ficus Ruby Red plant

Of all the rubber plant varieties, the ruby rubber plant is perhaps the most popular. Known in botanical circles as Ficus elastica (FY-kus ee-LASS-tih-kuh) ‘Ruby,’ this charming plant offers beautiful variegation and requires surprisingly little

How To Grow And Care For Ficus Altissima

Ficus altissima growing indoors

Ficus altissima (FIK-us al-TISS-ih-muh) is also called Lofty Fig, Asian Council Tree, or simply Council Tree. It is a flowering plant in the Mulberry or Moraceae family of plants. This

Tips On Ficus Elastica Care: Growing Rubber Trees

Green, leathery leaves of Ficus Elastica

Ficus elastica (FY-kus ee-LASS-tuh-kuh)is an attractive perennial evergreen shrub native to Western Malaysia, India, Nepal, and China. The genus name, Ficus, is Latin and means “edible fig.” The specific epithet

Variegated Rubber Plant Growing and Care

Colorful leaves of the variegated Rubber plant

The different types of Rubber plants are common indoor plants because they are versatile and easy to grow. Their large, waxy leaves make this tropical plant a great addition to

Fiddle Leaf Ficus: Tips On Growing And Care

Fiddle leaf fig tree in the bedroom

Ficus lyrata (FY-kus ly-RAY-tuh) is an attractive tropical perennial shrub that is very popular as a houseplant. This striking member of the Moraceae family of plants hails from central and

Ficus Benjamina Tree – Weeping Fig

Ficus Benjamina - weeping fig -green and varigated

The House Plant Homeowners Tree: Ficus Plant Care The Ficus benjamina, commonly known as the Benjamins fig, fig ficus, weeping figs, or benjamin figs, is the houseplant most people think

Ficus Pandurata or Ficus Lyrata Tree

Ficus Lyrata

The fiddle-leaf fig is the common name for Ficus Lyrata or Ficus Pandurata comes from the family Moraceae. It’s related to the rubber plant. The plant gets its name from its