How To Grow And Care For A Monstera Deliciosa Plant

gren split leaf of the monstera plant

Monstera deliciosa (mon-STER-ah de-lis-ee-OH-sah) is a popular houseplant well-known for its large, glossy, heart-shaped leaves with a split characteristic. This easy-to-grow climbing evergreen is native to the rainforests of Central

Monstera Standleyana Plant: Growing and Care Guide

Vining Monstera standleyana

A lot of plants go through an identity crisis due to flaws in botanical naming conventions. However, the close resemblance of Monstera standleyana (mon-STER-uh stand-lee-AY-na) to philodendrons has led to

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha Growing and Care

Leaves of the Rhaphidophora Cryptantha commonly known as a shingle vine

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha is a shingling plant or shingle vine native to Papua New Guinea, tropical regions of African tropics, and Southeast Asia.  These tropical plants are also found in Australia, Bali,

Monstera Dubia Vine Growing and Care

Monstera Dubia growing on tree in Columbia

Nature loves a good metamorphosis, from frogs and butterflies to fish that change their sex. But this also applies to the plant world, and one of the best examples is

Monstera Obliqua Growing and Care

Vining Monstera Obliqua

The Monstera plant has become wildly popular due to its fenestrated leaves. However, only those originating from Peru, Panama, Suriname, and Bolivia have these fenestrations. There are lots of misconceptions

Growing and Care Of Silver Monstera Siltepecana

Monstera siltepecana - The Silver Monstera

Monstera siltepecana aka the Silver Monstera is an attractive plant from Mexico and parts of Central America and prized for its rich foliage, which develops fenestrations (window-like holes) as it grows older. Click on this article of care details.