What Causes Hibiscus Root Rot: Cause and Cure

Hibiscus root rot

Root rot in all plants is caused by the fungi, Verticillium and Fusarium oxysporum (Phytophthora genus). It is usually triggered by excessive moisture, so poor drainage or overwatering can cause

Thrips On Hibiscus: Spotting And Controlling Thrips

thrip close up feeding on a leaf

Thrips are common pests found in various houseplants, greenhouses, and outdoor gardens. The scientific name is Thysanoptera.  These pests are slender, tiny insects with distinctive asymmetrical mouthparts, and fringed wings. There

Pink Hibiscus Mealybug: Prevention and Treatment

Mealybugs on Hibiscus

Pink hibiscus mealybug (Maconellicoccus hirsutus) is one of the most serious pest problems that typically affect plants in tropical and subtropical regions. These pests were first discovered in the Caribbean