What Is The Best Prayer Plant Fertilizer

Prayer Plant Fertilizer

Prayer plants may not have the greatest blooms or a lot of variegation, but the unique design of their leaves has made these plants quite popular. Several plants bear the

Why Do Prayer Plants Pray?

Prayer Plants

A handful of plants in the home gardening world are treasured for their somewhat unique behavior. These plants belong mainly to the sister genera of Calathea, Goepperia, and Maranta, all

Why Are My Prayer Plant Leaves Curling?

attractive leaves of the Prayer Plant

Whether you have a or another plant nicknamed prayer plant, the behavior is the same: large leaves that fold up into a prayer pose. But that’s not the only thing

Answered: Why Is My Prayer Plant Turning Yellow?

yellowing of prayer plant leaves

If your prayer plant gets yellow leaves the fix is usually fairly simple. The cause is often watering, humidity, temperatures or nutrient deficiency. Click on this article to learn the cause and how to fix yellowing prayer plant leaves.

Are Prayer Plants Cat Safe?

Prayer plant in white ceramic pot near window

The Prayer plant is a beautiful, non-toxic plant that is safe for your cats. Also known as Maranta leuconeura, the Prayer Plant originates from Central and South America’s tropical forests.