How To Propagate A Croton Plant

Propagating Croton Plant

Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) is a popular shrub grown both outdoors and indoors. The foliage is colorful and stunning. Many want to learn how to propagate a croton plant. So they

How Often Do You Water Croton Plants?

watering croton plants

Croton plants are popular indoors and outdoors, but this tropical plant can also be confusing at times. Most people tend to get especially confused when it comes to croton watering,

What Is The Best Croton Plant Soil?

colorful croton plants

Croton plants are forgiving when it comes to soil needs. Never plant crotons in dense or clay soil, as this can quickly kill the plant. You want to aim for the best possible mix if you want the happiest plant. We share Croton soil requirements.

Croton Fertilizer: Tips On Fertilizing Crotons When and How

Croton fertilizer

When picking a Croton fertilizer do you pick the granular, slow-release, or a water-soluble liquid fertilizer? Croton is well known for its colorful foliage, and vibrant leaves the croton a visual treat. Click on this article for tips on Croton fertilizing.

What Should I Do With My Croton Plant In The Winter?

Croton plant care in winter

The colorful Croton plant. They are happiest when kept at consistent temperatures between 60°-85° degrees Fahrenheit. Being left in temperatures below 50° degrees Fahrenheit and sudden temperature changes can cause

Why Is My Croton Plant Losing Its Leaves?

What causes croton leaves to fall off

Why does a Croton plant start dropping leaves? We share some of the possible reasons – temperature, humidity, acclimation, disease, pests, lighting, watering? [DETAILS]

Tips On Croton Plant Care Outdoors

colorful croton plants growing outdoors

Crotons (Codiaeum variegatum) make excellent houseplants and seasonal container plants, but did you know that they are also popular in landscaping in tropical settings?  Croton plants hail from Indonesia and

Why Does My Croton Mammy Losing Leaves?

Colorful leaves of Croton Mammy

The Croton Mammy, also called Mammy Croton, is among one of the most colorful houseplants. Mammy shares the characteristic colorful leaves of bold yellows, oranges, reds, and black like other

How To Get Rid Of Mealybug on Croton Plants

House plant croton (Codiaeum variegatum) damaged by mealybugs.

Mealybugs are part of the Pseudococcidae insect family and are recognizable by their wax-covered, oval, typically whitish bodies. Mealybugs pierce and suck plants with their stylets to feed on sap. These insects are

What Are The Common Croton Pests?

Croton deal with pests like mealybugs, red spider mites, scales, thrips

Whether you keep the Croton as a houseplant or grow it outdoors,  there’s no denying the appeal of a croton plant (codiaeum variegatum). Unfortunately, they also face croton pests. They’re

What Are The Common Croton Plant Diseases?

Bright colored leaves of croton plants do experience diseases

Crotons are one of the most popular plants for homes, offices, and gardens. Croton plants (codiaeum variegatum) are perennial evergreens from India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This plant genus includes varieties with fancy

Is The Croton Plant Poisonous or Toxic? – Plant Care Today

The colorful Croton plant with many leaf colors and shapes

Codiaeum variegatum [koh-dih-EE-um, var-ee-GAY-tum] or Croton plants are evergreen perennials belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family of plants. Other popular Euphorbia plants include: These natives of the tropical forests of southeast Asia, including