How To Grow And Care For Iceton Croton Plants

Growing Iceton Croton

One of the most common and colorful types of houseplant is Croton (Codiaeum Variegatum), a member of the Euphorbiaceae family of plants originally from the western Pacific and tropical Asia. 

How To Grow and Care For Luna Croton

Luna croton

There are several popular houseplants that have stolen the names of unrelated genera. The most infamous of these is Epipremnum aureum (masquerading as pothos), but another infamous imposter is Codiaeum

How To Grow and Care For Zanzibar Croton

Thin, colorful ribbon shoestring like leaves of Croton Zanzibar plant

Croton Zanzibar is a tropical plant native to the Western Pacific islands, Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is a member of the Codiaeum variegatum family, pronounced [co-dee-ay’-um var-i-e-ga’-tum]. Most people

Croton Petra Care: Growing Petra Croton Plants

Colorful leaves of Croton Petra

Croton petra [KROH-tun, pet-RAH] is a broadleaved evergreen perennial from the family Euphorbiaceae. Petra has attractive and interesting leaves. It is one of several croton plant varieties available on the

Gold Dust Croton Care: How To Grow Codiaeum Variegatum

Gold Dust Croton Care: How To Grow Codiaeum Variegatum

Gold Dust Crotons or Codiaeum variegatum [koh-dih-EE-u, koh-dih-EE-u] is a subtropical, evergreen shrub, naturally occurring in Indonesia, southern Asia, and Eastern Pacific Islands. A part of the Euphorbiaceae family, Croton plants are