Can Aphids Fly? Are There Flying Aphids?

Flying aphids

Aphids (superfamily Aphidoidea) are some of the most common pests you’ll encounter in the garden or on houseplants. Approximately 5,000 species of aphids are out there, and all of them

How To Get Rid Of Aphids On My Lemon Tree

aphids feeding on lemon tree leaves

Aphids on lemon trees are common. We share tips on how to wipe them out as quickly as possible before they cause damage. Click on this article to learn more about controlling lemon tree aphids.

How To Get Rid of Aphids on Daylilies

Aphids feeding on daylilies

Daylilies are colorful perennials that brighten up any garden. They need lots of sunlight and love to care to thrive. Once planted, daylilies are easy to maintain and care for,

How To Get Rid Of Cabbage Aphids

The larva of the scarlet flies eats aphids on the cabbage. Natural enemy of aphids, useful garden insect destroying the population of pests

Cabbage aphids (Brevicoryne brassicae) are small, gray-green insect pests that feed on certain types of plants, known as brassicas. They can cause significant damage to crops and tend to attack

Aphids On Roses Home Remedy

Aphids feeding on a beautiful rose bud

You’ve heard of aphids and probably even seen one of these garden pests at some point. But did you know they also attack roses? The term aphid can relate to

How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Petunias

Petunia bloom with Aphids

So you want to get rid of aphids on petunias? For the most part, petunias grow without facing significant challenges from pests.  As with other things, there are exceptions to this.