Stromanthe sanguinea Triostar – Experience the Technicolor!

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If there’s one plant that tops every list of tropical landscape plants, then that is Stromanthe sanguinea.

This “calathea – rattlesnake – plant relative” is often sold under the name ‘Tri color’ but it also known as Tricolor Stromanthe, Tricolor ginger or Triostar Ginger.


During maturation, Triostar propagates vegetatively through its rhizomes.

Plantlets are produced above the foliage during this stage.  As a result, the mature Triostar deviates from its amazing bush-like form by increasing its height and width.

Mature Stromanthe plant can reach a height of 2’ to 3’ tall and a spread of 1’ to 2’ wide.  Despite of the very obvious change in form, this striking tropical plant never fails to amaze everybody because of its Technicolor lance-shaped foliage.

As its name suggests, the plant is loved by many because of its beautiful leaves color combination – variegated green and white top side while the undersides are reddish-pink or maroon or burgundy in colour.

During winter and spring times, Stromanthe plant produces white flowers with red bracts, adding more colors to this truly eye-catching blessing from nature.

Stromanthe sanguinea is mainly grown for its richly variegated foliage that comes in pink, dark pink or burgundy, white, and green colors. Sometimes, people refer this as variegated ginger because of such features. During spring time, sanguinea produces reddish-pink flowers.

Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar at Legoland Florida Sept 9, 2016Pin
Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar at Legoland Florida Sept 9, 2016

In addition to the peerless multi-colored foliage many observant and experienced gardeners noticed that it has both nyctinastic (night) and heliotropic (sun) movements that are controlled at the swollen area near the base of the leaf.

At this portion, the pigments, Phytochrome triggers the night position of the leaves and the cryptochrome triggers the day movements.

Stromanthe sanguinea exhibits a clump-forming growth to about 3.5 feet tall making it an excellent container plant. It performs well as a landscape and garden patios plant and is loved by many as a house plant.

The color scheme of Triostar ginger plants has been loved by many owners making it a special house plant.  When grown outdoors, mature Triostar is an ideal damp border.  It can add a tropical touch to your landscape.

Mix it with your calathea type plants and you will surely have a colorful garden envied by many.

Whether you want to grow it for mass plants, for foundation planting, for color accent, or even in pots or containers, mature Triostar is perfect for all your interior and outdoor settings.

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