8 Solar Landscape Lighting Tips


Solar lights continue to grow in use and are being included more in the overall design phase of a landscape.

Here’s a few tips on solar landscape lights and LED landscape lighting kits when you’re out shopping for them.

Look for these landscape lighting manufacturers: Kim Lighting, Hadco, Kichler, Westinghouse, Volt, Nightscaping, RAB, Highpoint and Focus.

black-round-1 Solar landscape lights can increase visibility and safety on pathways, in your garden, deck area, or yard as well as being highly cost efficient to help reduce electric bills.


black-round-2 The batteries in solar lights recharge during the day. Their battery should have hold enough charge to power the bright LED lights all throughout the night… up to 12 hours.

black-round-3 Depending on the model several solar lights can be charged from one single solar panel. Automatic on/off switching eliminates the need to setup timers. Weatherproof/waterproof lights make them basically “worry free.”

black-round-4 One of the best features of solar landscape lighting is not just their visibility but also their versatility and ease of use anywhere.

No electrical wires and extension cords make placing them almost anywhere in the yard or on a deck a breeze.

black-round-5 How Versatile? Extremely! Solar landscape lighting can be installed not only on the ground, but on walls and fences, decks or patios. Lights placed on a path or hanging along a sidewalk.

black-round-6 Place path lights or hanging lights along a sidewalk to illuminate a safe walking path or highlight a part of your garden with solar spot or flood lights.


black-round-7 The choices now available for solar lighting is wide. The offerings feature stylish designs and finishes in black, silver, brown, copper, white, or even antique finishes all designed to enhance not only the look but lighting in your landscape… from the backyard, outdoor deck, frontyard or entrance to your front door.

black-round-8 How much light does a solar light produce? The “lights” used in the design of solar lights are LED’s… the more LED’s a light has the more light and area it will illuminate.

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