Painting A Concrete Patio With Spectacular Results

Not everyone has the coin to put down pavers on their patio. Sometimes painted concrete will do just fine to dress things up.

Over at the blog, Jamin and Ashley show how they “upgraded” their patio floor (a concrete slab) under the pergola with pressure washing and paint.



They didn’t just pull out some rollers and slap paint on. They painted the base with a lighter grey color, after drying they painted diamond designs using a dark grey.

The Unsquare Patio Fix

The end result makes the entire patio pop! What they did discover when laying out the diamond design… “Ours was a bit of a challenge because our porch is not a perfect square. So when we measured everything for our own porch, we made sure that all the large diamonds were even, and that the lines would be two feet apart.”

Good tips! Now they need some patio lighting!

Before you start picking paint and rolling the paint out, check out the before and after pictures and give their patio painting tutorial a read for ways to improve your project. Details at on Painting Concrete!

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