How To Make A Lettuce Ball Basket

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Wouldn’t be great to walk out into the backyard, patio or small balcony and harvest a lettuce leaf or two for tonight’s salad. It’s possible with a lettuce ball basket! Plus you could plant several varieties of lettuce to pick from… of which there are many!

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The mention of lettuce may send your thoughts off to a farm of iceberg or Romaine lettuce growing in rows and rows. However, for the homeowner, a lettuce basket can help you add some variety of greens to your salads.

This lettuce basket starts off as 2 baskets wired together and filled with soil. For baskets in the video look like these 16-inch baskets with coco liners. These 14-inch baskets would also make for a nice option.

There’s also this video from Mississippi State University

At, Debbie Teashon has made a fun tutorial on making a moss lettuce basket, perfect for a homeowner.

If you battle slugs and snails when growing lettuce this could also be a good solution. Check out her tutorial via rainysiderainyside

Here’s another twist on a “lettuce Basket” from the DIY Network.

The one downside I see in growing a lettuce ball hanging basket comes down to watering. When you water anything hanging, the water needs to drain somewhere and it can get messy.

What Can You Use Lettuce For Besides Make a Salad

Looking for fresh ideas to spice up your lunch or dinner routine? It may come as a surprise, but lettuce can be a fun and versatile way to change things up and add some spice to your daily meals.

Tip: “Start with the freshest greens possible (usually found in a farmers’ market). Fresh head lettuce will keep three to four weeks. Store-bought lettuce will keep six to nine days. Separate the lettuce into individual leaves. Then air-dry leaves on paper towels if there is any moisture on them. Wet a dish towel under cold water, and wring it out so that it’s wet but not dripping. Roll the lettuce in the damp towel, and place it in the crisper drawer. Every three to four days, use a mister to moisten the towel. Wash the lettuce before using it.”

I like to use a salad spinner like this to remove as much excess water as possible.

Leaf lettuce can be used for far more than just a salad, and the following article will teach you a few different recipes to bring the most out of the healthy treat! Learn more

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