The Ultimate Tomato Cage Build It For Under $2


Growing tomatoes is serious business for many backyard gardeners. Everyone wants to get the most out of the garden.

Tomatoes have long been grown on some type of “trellis system” for them to climb up on. At the Old World Garden Farms blog they show and discuss their “Stake-A-Cage” tomato cage. Simple, smart and does the job. Exactly what I like to see.

What do you think… Is it the

Tips On Finding The Best Tomato Cage For Your Garden

Tomatoes can be one of the most difficult fresh foods to grow in a garden due to their excessive weight pulling them down. If you find the right tomato cage for your growing style, this problem can largely be averted.

Cages come in many varieties, price-ranges and can make finding the right one an overwhelming process. This post from grit.com provides the pros and cons of buying a tomato cage, and helps you find the best cage for your needs.

11 Tomato Plants Using The Square Foot Gardening Method

John from growingyourgreens.com shows how he maximizes tomato plant yield even when garden space is at a premium.

Demonstrating both proper spacing of the plants and the use of innovative vertical growing techniques such as the Texas Tomato Cage, you’ll see how 11 plants can grow healthy and produce delicious, ripe tomatoes in a mere 40 square foot raised bed.