Are Mangos Really Good for You, What Are Their Health Benefits?

Mangoes have been nicknamed the “king of fruits”. Beyond their sweet taste mangoes are also rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that keep the body in optimum health.

For many years fresh mangoes, with the enzymes, its been used to soothe the stomach. It’s popularity has led to the introduction of jams, jellies, marinades, squashes and pickles which contain pure mango flavor.


It has been claimed that if you eat at least one mango in a day which is a rich source of fiber, it will reduce constipation and spastic colon symptoms.

Studies and research published at comprehensive review in food and food safety shows that that the dietary fiber in mangoes can eliminate the degenerative condition such as heart disease and some types of cancer.

They have high levels of potassium which replenishes the amount that is lost when you are involved in strenuous activities. This is why you should include at least one mango in your diet. Read on to know the answer to the question, “are mangos good for you?”

Health Benefits of Mango Fruits

Mangoes Helps Keep Blood Pressure Under Control

Mangoes have an impressive amount of vitamins. They are also rich in magnesium, and potassium, which makes it a good remedy for high blood pressure.s

They have other minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus and selenium. As mention earlier, mangoes are a vitamin powerhouse containing vitamin C, K, E, A, B6, riboflavin, folate among many others.

This helps to avoid a host of many other diseases that are as a result of lack of these components in the body. The vitamin E found in mangoes help in boosting the sex hormones.

Heart Health and Cancer Prevention

Mangoes have a high pectin level and soluble dietary fiber which results in low cholesterol levels in the body. Pectin in particular helps in prevention of prostate cancer in men.

According to a recent research by the institute for food research, a compound in Pectine combines with Galectin 3 with the later playing a vital role in all stages of cancer.

The European Prospective Investigation of Cancer also found a link between eating mango fruits and reducing the risk of developing gastrointestinal tract cancer and colon cancer.

Gaining Weight

Many people are more concerned about weight loss rather than gaining some weight. For those people who are underweight, mango consumption has proven to be the easiest way to gain weight.

A 150 gram mango has 86 calories which your body will easily absorb. They also have starch, which is broken into sugar aiding in weight gain.

There are many people that work very hard in order to gain weight, a mango should make you work easier with a mango milk shake accelerating the process of gaining weight.

Assists In Digestion

Mangoes play an important role reducing problems like indigestion or excess acidity in the body.

This due to the digestive enzyme in the body that promotes efficient and natural digestion.

A mango has bioactive ingredient such as ester, aldehydes and Terpenes which are responsible for enhancing appetite and better digestive system functions.

Curing Of Anemia And Assists In Pregnancy

Mangoes have content of iron making them beneficial to people suffering from anemia.

A moderated regular intake of mango helps in elimination of anemia by increasing the number of red blood cells in the body.

They are also important to women who are pregnant since they require iron, which they find plenty in a mango.

Most doctors prescribe iron tablets for most pregnant women during the nine months. Instead of supplementation of the iron, pregnant women can get it in a health iron rich diet of a juicy mango.

Acne Cure

You may be surprised that a mango has a relationship with the skin health. A mango does not only give you a healthy glowing skin but also helps in lightening your skin.

This means that by regularly eating a mango to your diet, will go a long way to enhance your beauty.

Mangoes cures acne by opening up the clogged skin pore which stops the formation of acne. This is the most efficient way of eliminating pore.

It isn’t a must to eat a mango to enjoy its benefit on the skin, you can take its pulp and apply it on your skin for around ten minutes and rinse your skin.

Improved Brain Health

They contain a great amounts of vitamin B6 which is essential for normal brain functions. The vitamins are vital in amalgamation of the main neurotransmitter which are the determiners of moods and sleeping pattern modification.

When you add mangoes to your diet, your brain health will improve and have a nervous system that is effective. Also, you will eliminate the possibility of supplementing which has a large number of side effects.

Body Immunity Boost

Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene a powerful carotenoid which is essential in enhancing body immunity, making your body resistant to bacterial and toxin infections.

The excess beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body which is an antioxidant vitamin which offers additional protection against free radicals that can be harmful to your internal body system.

Mangoes also increases a possibility of living a disease free life another good reason that you should increase your mango in the diet.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

There are studies and research that is still on going about this particular area, but some studies have shown that mangoes are a good natural remedy for abnormal blood sugar levels and diabetes.

Before, there was a myth that diabetic patients should avoid mangoes due to their sweet taste, but the study shows that not only the fruit that is good but also the mango tree leaves and good in diabetes management.

Boiling 10 to 15 leaves before going to bed and drink the water in the morning in an empty stomach regularly after filter the mango leaves has shown positive results for diabetic patients.

Slows Signs Of Aging

Mangoes contain considerable amounts of vitamin A and C which both assist in production of collagen proteins in the body.

Collagen protects the blood vessel and body connective tissues and therefore slowing down the skin normal aging process. This means that mangoes can be correctly be referred to as the anti-aging foods.

As it’s known, dietary supplementation is the most recommended way of maintaining your youthful skin in a natural and delicious way.

Heat Stroke Remedy

Juicing a green mango fruit and mixing it with water plus sweetener help in cooling down your body and preventing it from causing harm to your body.

The Ayurvedic reason why people get exhausted and diuretic when visiting the equatorial climate is due to “sun energy” that burns your body and muscles in particular the muscles.

Having a mango in your diet helps to reduce the chances of having this kind of stroke.

From the above discussion, you should consider adding a mango to your diet. The health benefits that result from the mango surpasses the myths that exists about this healthy fruit packed with many nutrients.

Mangoes can be used to prepare different variety of food such as mango juice or eaten as most people do. They are cheaply available as you will get them readily from the market around you.

This healthy fruit will ensure that you leave a disease free life with no supplementation and hence you will live longer and maintain your youthful skin look.

So today ensure that you have a mango even for a change and you will see the health benefits.

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