6 Healthy Reasons You Should Eat Mangos


Mangoes are delicious, and that’s a very good reason to eat them. However, there are lots of other good reasons why you should put them on your shopping list and eat them as often as you can.

In this article, we will share 6 great reasons why you should eat plenty of mangoes all year round!

#1 – Stay Regular & Avoid Colon Cancer

Mangoes are full of fiber! In fact, you will get nearly 2.5 grams of fiber for each cup of mangoes you eat.

That’s why, if you peel a mango and find that it’s very stringy, you shouldn’t think that there’s something wrong with it.

Stringiness is a natural quality in mangoes, and it is an indication of lots of fiber.

Getting lots of fiber helps your gastrointestinal system work properly, and that is the basis of all good health.

If you really can’t tolerate a stringy mango, try letting your mangoes ripen a little bit more before you eat them.

#2 – Boost Your Daily Dose Of Natural Vitamin C

Mangoes are also chock full of vitamin C, and as we all know that is a very good thing indeed!

A serving of mangoes contains about 60 mg of vitamin C and that’s a nice addition to your daily allotment.

Mangoes don’t have as much vitamin C as oranges and grapefruits, but they do contain a significant amount and it is certainly worth mentioning!

#3 – Vitamin A Is Essential For Building Strong Bones

In addition to C, mangoes also contain a healthy dose of vitamin A which is essential for good vision and strong bones.

That’s why mangoes make such an excellent snack for growing children.

#4 – Get Great Skin, Hair & Nails & More

Folic acid is another very important nutrient found in mangoes.

Folic acid is a B vitamin, and it provides a great many health benefits. When you get enough folic acid, you can avoid and treat some types of anemia.

Folic acid is also excellent for skin, hair and nails. It is also excellent for protecting and promoting fetal health.

Eating just a single cup of mango every day will provide you with approximately one quarter of the amount of folic acid you need.

#5 – Naturally Sourced Minerals Are Best

In addition to vitamins, mangos also contain significant amounts of essential minerals.

For natural iron and potassium intake, there is hardly a better choice.

Iron is essential for supporting your red blood cells in carrying oxygen throughout your entire body. Remember that doctors recommend getting your iron from natural sources rather than from vitamin supplements.

Potassium is very important for regulating the functioning of your muscles, heart and nerves.

#6 – You Can Enjoy Mangoes All Year Round

Another great reason why you should eat mango all year round is that it freezes well!

You can buy mangoes in season at low cost and simply cut them up, seal them in freezer bags and pop them in your freezer.

When you do this, you have fresh mango to enjoy all year round in smoothies or as a tasty frozen dessert all on its own.

It’s easy to see that, in addition to delectable flavor, there are lots of great reasons to eat mangoes.

Be sure to watch for the best prices in season and stock up for excellent nutrition throughout the year.

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