How To Get Rid of Annoying Mosquitoes In The Yard

Here’s the deal! No one likes mosquitoes and I’m pretty sure you want to get rid of mosquitoes around your house. Right!

Let’s look at some ways to reduce or get rid of those annoying pests! Check out this list of plants that repel mosquitoes. It’s important to  understand…


Mosquitoes have been linked to diseases like malaria, elephantiasis, West Nile Virus dengue and many other mosquito-borne diseases.

Now we have the Zika virus transmitted to people primarily through the infected Aedes species mosquito bites.

Many homeowners opt to use chemical insecticides to kill mosquitoes. These chemical agents have been known to have side effects such as causing allergic reactions and killing other beneficial insects.

Let’s look at some natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes, and keep them at bay.

1. Disrupt And Prevent Mosquitoes From Breeding

Mosquito’s eggs, pupae, and mosquito larvae all need stagnant water for their growth and development; except the adult mosquito which is nonaquatic.

If you eliminate all the stagnated water around your house and in the yard, you can cut off their multiplication and disrupt their growth cycle. This will ultimately reduce the number of larvae and pupae that develop into adult mosquitos.

2. Drain Tree Holes Where Mosquitoes Can Breed

Drain water that gets clogged in the holes of the large tree trunks as these holes acts as ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Also, you can apply a small amount of vegetable oil to the water surfaces as a coating to prevent any larvae from developing inside them.

3. Repair, Cover, or Remove Any Receptacles That Hold Water

Get rid of or fix all the vessels that hold stagnant water, such as a rain barrel that are no longer used or gutters that has poor drainage. Also, cover up containers that act as water reservoirs, including cisterns and wells.

4. Empty Pot Saucers After Watering, Empty Kids Pools

Don’t let the water settle for long in the saucers under potted plants after watering them. Adult mosquitoes may use these standing water reservoirs to lay eggs there. Drain and clean them out.

Don’t forget to empty the kids’ plastic wading pools when not in use and change the water in the birdbaths around the house at least once every week.

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5. Cover Rain Barrel With A Custom Lid

Attach a fine screen that has 14-18 wires per inch to a removable frame-sized to fit your rain barrel. This will enable the lid to fit the container opening, securely.

This means that rainwater will go through the screen easily, but the mosquito won’t be able to penetrate the screen to reach the water surface.

6. Plant Eucalyptus Trees

Make use of plants to get rid of mosquitoes. Eucalyptus trees are known for helping dry up damp sites and marshy areas where mosquitoes normally breed. Besides, their scent has been said to keep mosquitoes away from the house.

7. Plant Sassafras and Sweet Basil

These plants are said to naturally repel mosquitoes from your house. Plant them around the patio edges and near your house doors and windows.

Lemon grass is another plant which looks great around a deck on large pots.

8. Stock Your Pond

Goldfish has been found to be a perfect partner in the war against the hazardous mosquitoes. However, avoid mixing different sizes and species of fish in the same pond as that will make them feed on each other instead on insects.

9. Use Homemade Repellants

Around the internet, you’ll mind many homemade mosquito repellent mixes. For example, soak fleabane or pennyroyal leaves in hot water and let them settle there for a few days. Squeeze the mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the plants around the house.

Equally, you can use garlic oil; Cook several pieces of garlic in cooking oil for about one hour. Allow it to cool, then strain the resultant and spray on the nearby plants as pesticides.

One method which works well especially when you’re entertaining outdoors is making your citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes. You can also make your own lemon balm, citrus spray, mosquito traps and other items that repels mosquitoes or any biting insects and bugs.

10. Use LED Lights or Yellow “Bug” Lights

Illuminating your patio? Mosquitoes are attracted to lights, especially at night. But, sodium lamps, yellow “bug lights” and LED lights won’t attract mosquitoes.

If you are one of those who like to dine outdoors, try using sodium lamps, yellow “bug lights” and /or LED lights that won’t attract mosquitoes.

Also, fix the floodlights to face away from the outdoor living area. Use oil lamps, wax candles, or candles made from citronella plant (cymbopogon nardus) on the patio tables. Mosquitoes will either be kept at bay by the scent of the citronella oil candles or buzz around the flame and die.

There you have them, the 10 natural ways for mosquito control to keep them away from your yard, house and from you this summer. Most importantly, all these are free from the chemical insecticides.

Share with us other natural ways that you use in repelling mosquitoes away from your home.

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