Dan’s Amazing Hanging Baskets At Sea World Orlando


One of the things I enjoy at theme parks is the hanging baskets. They are simply amazing! Full of color, design ideas and enormous in size, growing in full sun or shade.

On a visit to Sea World Orlando recently to celebrate our grandson’s birthday, I was able to check out the hanging baskets. While walking to one of the shows, I viewed some really great looking basket combinations.

After the show I saw a Sea World employee, Dan Brown grooming some of the baskets. I stopped and asked Dan a few questions, he was cheerful on a very hot day and graciously answered them.


The basket you see has sweet potato vine and pentas growing out the top. Dan shared the baskets were started (or built) in April, been out in the park for about 3 months and gave this nice tip.

The baskets were first planted with the sweet potato vine, just before the baskets head out to the park the colorful Pentas are added – Thanks Dan.

All too often we get caught up in the splendor and beauty of a theme park.

Never forget there are wonderful professionals like Dan working behind the scenes to make everything seem so effortless.

Dan my hat is off to you! Thank You for spending the time to share some of your special talents! Sea World is blessed to have a knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring employee like you!

Giant basket – 20-24 inches of impatiens


Unique Dichondra baskets

The basket below is an eye catcher. There were some other “combos” using orange begonias on top and Dichondra planted on the sides.


Do you notice the baskets when you visit a theme park?

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