How To Make A Container Water Garden For Your Deck

The sound of water adds some much to a landscape design. Even a small pond on a small patio makes the whole space more tranquil. It can be a simple bubbling fountain and water features can be made out of almost anything.

container water garden on the back patioPin

Water gardens do not need to be expensive or difficult to add to your landscape garden. You do not always need a lot of space for a water feature. This one is made using terra cotta pots. Yes, it is nice to have a large space with a pond, but decks and balconies can still add a water feature to their space.

I’ve even seen small recirculating “fountains” which can sit on a desk. That’s a pretty small space.

Here is a nice “deck water garden” made from a plastic wine barrel picked up from Big Lots. I like the simple style and would look great on a deck!

Check out the “How To” at

More Options and Container Water Garden Ideas

The University of Illinois Extension Service has a nice, simple tutorial to walk you through the process here.

These small water features is a great addition to the city backyard, a deck, patio or terrace and there’s something unique about the look of an old whiskey barrel.


The folks over at have a nice set of plans you can download to make your own whiskey barrel water garden. They also provide some plant ideas to get the water garden started. Get the whiskey-barrel plans here.

Image via MidWestLiving

Planting a water garden gives you an innovative way for you to decorate your home. This allows you the ability to to transcend the mundane by constructing your own water garden with a unique twist using plants.

Find out which types of plants are suitable for a water garden, and how to plant them, all in this informative article via MidWestLiving.

tabletop water garden collectionPin

Midwest also has a collection of tabletop water garden ideas to share.

They have several slides showing unique ideas to impress your guests the next time you have some over.

Each slide has a picture along with a brief description of what it is and what you need to make it. More on Easy Tabletop Water Gardens here.

Video on how to tips on making your own tabletop water garden

The image below shows 3 different “mini” water garden styles which could fit many spaces.


From a balcony to a backyard patio, and all in between. What and how they are made? This post originated at the now closed Canadian Gardening website. But we found 3 others for you.

Creating Water Gardens in Containers

Finally, Aquascape shares how to create a Patio Pond in this video

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