Benefits Of Brewing Compost Tea For Your Garden and Lawn


Compost tea is also known as compost extract. It is used as an efficient way to spread microbes and nutrients that normal compost does, without as much work.

Homeowners are always looking for simple and effective ways to nurture and maintain their lawns, but there can be so much conflicting information about what kinds of treatments to use, to say nothing of the cost in money and time.

The “tea” is made by adding water to a small amount of compost and mixing. Depending on the source material, compost tea will offer different microbes and nutrients.

Compost tea is a simple solution that, when applied, can prevent disease, and helps to create rich, healthy soil. This article lays out, step-by-step, the best method for making compost tea as quickly and easily as possible. Click on the link below for more.

Brewing Compost Tea – Some Important Tips For Success