How Do You Know When Compost Is Ready?

When Compost is Ready

Composting is the magical process of taking select garbage and waste products, chucking them into a pile (or composting box), and the fertilizer gnomes turning it into grade-A compost –

13+ Things Not To Put In Compost

What not to Put in Compost

Composting isn’t an exact science, but we’ve learned over many generations that some items are better for composting than others. Some items are simply not biodegradable, while others can slow

How And When To Turn Compost

Turning Compost

Every gardening enthusiast should have their own compost bin or pile. Not only is composting a great way to save money on fertilizers, but it’s also a wonderful option for

9 Tips Of Composting In Winter

Composting in Winter

Everyone knows composting requires heat, even if you skip the thermophilic (second) stage. In many cases, you can simply switch to indoor composting in winter, but what about a compost

Cow Manure Compost Benefits And How To Use

Using Cow Manure

When you think of cowpats, you likely imagine some city slicker comedically stepping in one. However, cowpats – or cow manure – has a long history of important benefits to

How To Use Eggshells In Compost And The Garden

Eggshell compost

Humans are very wasteful creatures, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Take, for example, the humble eggshell. Like our used coffee grounds (and filters), eggshells are immensely useful in

How To Compost Coffee Grounds: A Guide

used coffee grounds

A cup of coffee is one of the most important parts of any day, especially first thing in the morning.  However, there’s a lot of waste involved, with grounds only