Top 7 Reasons For Adding An Outdoor Fire Pit To Your Backyard

An outdoor fire pit in the backyard makes for an all-season attraction – Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall! Who doesn’t enjoy sunsets and spending evenings sipping a drink or visiting with friends and loved ones around a fire?

When surveyed by the American Society of Landscape Architects, 97% of homeowners ranked fire pits and fireplaces their #1 most wanted small backyard landscape design idea.

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Maybe it’s the draw of the fire, but outdoor firepits make the backyard and accompanying outdoor space more comfortable and livable even during the coldest months of the year.

Thinking about adding a firepit to your backyard, even a simple one? Here are seven top reasons for adding a fire pit to your backyard deck or patio area.

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Outdoor Fire Pits Create A Vertical Focal Point

Outdoor fireplaces not only create a beautiful gathering space for everyone, but some become design anchors for outdoor living.

Whether it is a wood-burning fire pit, a stone fire pit, or one quipped with fire glass, they create a delightful and stunning focal point in your garden even when not in use. You’ll find many designs that will suit and compliment any outdoor space.

Fire Pits Extend The Livability And Comfort Of Your Outdoor Space

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Outdoor fire pit with seating built into sloping hillside

Backyard firepits enable you to enjoy your patio area for many months. A DIY fire pit makes it even more controlled and personalized. You may also consider making a built-in fire pit in your backyard to optimize the space. Here’s a collection of some cool backyard fire pits.

The additional lighting, the ambiance and physical outdoor heating of a fireplace make your outdoor space livable and beautiful. Plus they inviting you to spend your evenings outdoors on the patio around the fire pit grilling or just relaxing!

An outdoor fireplace conveniently gives your outdoor space a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Increases Home Value

Adding a firepit increases a home’s value and makes your property more unique and modern as compared to “traditional” landscaping.

It’s a trend nowadays which attracts potential home buyers to homes with one. Outdoor firepits can also draw attention to the architecture of your home and the surrounding environment. If you have the budget, you can go for a custom fire pit made of quality bricks, lava rocks and other premium materials.

They also come in many shapes, sizes and forms: Fire pit bowls, tables, made with copper, bronze, concrete, round, square fire pit, wood-burning pit, copper fire pit, propane fire pit and natural gas. All in all the make backyard living more enjoyable.

Outdoor Fireplaces Creates An Ambiance

Raging bonfires are fun but aren’t practical in residential areas. On the other hand, outdoor fireplaces can provide the same atmosphere but with convenience and safety.

An outdoor fireplace or one that ‘s built in the patio adds an unparalleled uniqueness, a beauty and ambiance to your outdoor decor.

Patio fire pits, wood burning pits and even commercial fire pits with excellent backyard landscaping provide an excellent backdrop for spending time with friends or to cozy up with your significant other. A little bit of warmth brings all the difference.

Fire Pits Expand The Entertaining Space

Firepit takes the entertainment outside. It provides a calming gathering space that provides a fun and natural way to entertain. It is also the perfect area for the family to spend time together and for drinking a glass of wine with friends.

Who needs a gaming system or television when you have an outdoor fireplace?

The warm glow and crackling fire make the gatherings relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. The stories the fire could tell!

When it’s time to go inside for the evening or the season changes simple tuck it away with a fire pit cover.

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Fire Pits Help Keep Bugs Away

During the months of May to August, mosquitoes can present a challenge to overcome.

Their breeding is highest during this period, and most people cut their nighttime short because of these little bloodsuckers.

An outdoor firepit or fireplace, planting mosquito repelling plants, aided by several citronella candles, can keep the bugs at bay during these tough months. Burning soft woods will help do a good job in keeping the bugs away.

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A Element Of Elegant Living

Think for a moment how a firepit or fireplace can transform your landscape, especially the backyard. It brings to a backyard a touch of sophistication yet casual, each one unique and some more attractive than others. For a tribal feel in your own backyard, you may install tiki torches around the backyard fire pit or a long the path towards it.

You can choose materials that create an enjoyable and pleasant atmosphere in the backyard for outdoor living. You can also opt for a customized professionally built outdoor fireplace that will add elegance to your landscape or build your own.

An Alternative Area For Cooking

Your fireplace does more than roast marshmallows and chestnuts. It can double as an area for cooking different foods.

From cooking chicken kebabs wrapped in aluminum foil and placed at the bottom of the fire. Or throw a grill over the top of an outdoor gas fire pit and cook vegetables and meats.

So there you have it! Several quick reasons why should consider adding an outdoor fireplace; increase in home value, extra comfort, keeping bugs at bay, extending the entertainment area, and more.

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