How Much Light Does Aloe Need, Indoor And Outdoor?

What are the lighting requirements for the many different types of Aloe plants? By nature, Aloe plants are succulents, much like cacti plants, and can soak up as much sun as you can offer.

By nature, Aloes, like other succulents, grow in Africa’s adverse conditions. They can withstand extreme exposure to sunlight and scorching temperatures.

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What Types Of Light Are Available For My Aloe?

There are many different ways to provide light for your plants: 

  • direct sunlight
  • indirect sunlight 
  • artificial light 
  • partial shade 
  • complete shade 

So many variations may be overwhelming and confusing. Since Aloe is a succulent plant and its natural habitat is a desert, it is happiest when exposed to direct and prolonged sunlight.

If you are planting Aloe outdoors in your backyard, keep it in a place that receives the most sunlight. This will ensure that your plant is happy, and given the right conditions, it will also flower.

What If I Grow My Aloe Indoors?

Aloe is a domestic plant, and with all its medicinal values, people like to grow it in their homes. 

Aloe is an outdoor plant by nature, and it thrives in long exposure to the sun. But if you set up the right conditions and are ready to care for it, Aloe will also flourish indoors.

Even indoors, your Aloe plant needs to receive ample direct sunlight to grow. Place it no more than a few feet from a window offering direct sunlight.

An ideal window faces east or west, ensuring the plant gets ample light for a longer duration. Since the plant is in a pot and not rooted, you can move the plant with the sun.

How Can I Tell If My Plant Is Getting Enough Light?

For an Aloe plant, it is easy to observe and notice the plant’s health signs. As funny as it may sound, the Aloe plant can get sunburned, even though it grows in harsh desert conditions.

When your Aloe receives too much sunlight, its leaves will start to wrinkle, and the plant will develop brown spots. Move it someplace with a little less direct sunlight.

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Or the opposite may be the problem, and the Aloe plant may not get enough sunlight. Watch the leaves. If the Aloe leaves grow downward and outward instead of upwards, the plant needs more light.

How Do I Ensure My Aloe’s Health?

Growing Aloe plants and taking care of them is easy. Follow these simple points, and your Aloe plants are bound to flourish.

  • Place your Aloe plant in bright indirect sunlight. Most Aloe will grow in full sunlight. 
  • Make sure the pot of potted Aloes has drain holes, or plants rooted outdoors have well-draining soil. 
  • Protect your Aloe plant from frost. Aloes come from warm habitats and will grow best if we recreate that environment. Keep them away from frosty windows in winter and consider growing plants indoors with artificial light.

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Remember your Aloe is not a vampire, the sun never bothers it unless you put a cape around the pot on Halloween!

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