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Hello, my name is Gary Antosh, founder of plantcaretoday.com

plantcaretoday.com came online on November 14, 2012. However, the genesis started 50 years earlier, when my journey, as a teenager began into the world of plants.

My first “growing” job began at a small retail nursery where they grew Vandas, Ascocendas, Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis (moth) orchids. They had a small area in one of the greenhouses where they grew a few Anthuriums, Spathiphyllums, and Amazon Lilies.

The Learning Experience

My interest in and passion for Anthuriums grew, acquiring hundreds of different rare species and learning “How To” grow them well.

Before I knew it, at the age of 19, I had developed one of the best collections of Anthuriums in the world.

Anthurium warocqueanum
Anthurium warocqueanum

It was not long before I found myself trading plants with collectors and botanical gardens around the world.

Through the experience of collecting rare and unusual plants, I would get very small plants or a “one of a kind” plant cutting – many times without roots and definitely with no growing instructions. I needed to learn how to make these “rare plants” survive. I learned to grow from necessity.

Despite the fact I was young, I was contacted and asked to teach a 6-week course on “Aroids” (Anthurium, Philodendron, Spathiphyllum, Aglaonema) at Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami, Florida.

One problem surfaced immediately – there was no course. At Fairchild, no one to my knowledge had ever taught a course on Aroids before – Fairchild is known for palms. I accepted the task and offered the best and the only thing I could – my experience.

As I think back, it is hard to believe I could talk to people for two hours straight about one group of plants. I can still picture my wife sitting in the back laughing at my mistakes – but, what a learning experience.

Growing rare plants forced me to ask questions:

  • Why did I grow the way I did?
  • What soil is best for the plant?
  • Where did it come from? Climate wise
  • How much water does it need?
  • What is too much?

Rare plants pushed me and gave me a goal – to make them root and grow. All, so I could trade for other plants. End result – I learned how to grow plants!

Learning or should I say understanding how plants grow and react has always interested me. I’ve never been afraid to experiment, learn and even fail. Those learned growing principals can be applied inside or outside – they just need to be adapted to the environment.

This passion for Aroids along with others holding the same love helped form the start of what is now known as the International Aroid Society.

In 1976, I purchased 4 acres of land and established a wholesale nursery operation, growing plants for the trade.

In late 1994, I discovered the internet and knew THIS was HOW to share plant care information and knowledge with others.

I started several websites over the years which eventually morphed into plantcaretoday.com.

Answering questions by email turned into a FREE newsletter still published today and enjoyed by 1,000’s. The answers to those first questions became the first articles published.

Over the years we have had millions of visitors at plantcaretoday.com.

Some are just starting out with indoor and outdoor plants, flowers or landscaping, and others visit with years of care and plant growing experience. We’ve published in-depth plant care guides offering our decades of plant growing expertise.

There is always something new to learn and share with others, and that is why PlantCareToday is here today.

Every day is spent adding new articles along with improving and expanding current topics.

If you have any questions contact us here. We will do our best to answer them, usually through articles to help others. Doing a search is the best place to start as we have 1,000’s of articles (search is up at the top right side).

That’s why we’ve created plantcaretoday.com. To help others enjoy the world of plants.

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For now, take a look around the site and soak up all the wonderful things you can do with plants indoors and out!

Let’s Get Growing and Enjoy the World Of Plants,

Gary Antosh

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