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There  are thousands of blogs and websites dedicated to providing interesting information about new plants and products, creative landscaping, container gardens, how-to articles and videos and a whole lot more… houseplants, pottery, landscaping, lawns, gardens and tools. There are just too many blogs to keep up to date with.

That’s why we’ve created PlantCareToday.com. Our aim to trawl the web… through Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and news to find the best of the best blog posts from some of the world’s most incredible garden bloggers.

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While our goal is to find as many brilliant blog posts as we can, we like you… only have a limited amount of time in the day. If you find a blog post that you think should be featured on the blog (or if you are a blogger and you think one of your blog posts is worthy) then simply send us an email using this contact form.

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For now, take a look around the blog and soak up all the wonderful things you can do with plants indoors and out!

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