6 Surprising Uses For Pickle Juice

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Most people think of pickle juice as a throwaway leftover product, but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many excellent pickle juice uses in the kitchen, in the medicine cabinet and around the yard and garden.

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Let’s look a rich collection of the smart ways you can use pickle juice.

Pickle Juice Detoxifies Your System

Adding pickle juice to regular recipes on an ongoing basis can help keep your body detoxified and reduces bacterial growth in your system.

It boosts the immune system and supports good digestion. It can even help with the pain associated with gout.

It does this by helping to cleanse the body of uric acid which forms painful crystalline deposits in and around the joints.

Apple cider vinegar makes an awesome detoxifying agent. Its effects produce great results. But in the absence of apple cider vinegar in detoxifying recipes, you can use pickle juice instead.

One of the benefits of drinking pickle juice… it stimulates urination to prevent the formation of these deposits of uric acid. These results can also be accomplished by simply eating pickles!

Pickle Juice Provides Electrolytes!

When exercise causes excessive perspiration, you lose a great deal of minerals and salt as well as liquid. This causes a state of dehydration which can be relieved by replacing the liquids and electrolytes.

The electrolyte (salt) content of pickle juice is quite high, so it’s a good idea to drink some before, during and after your workout.

Pickle juice helps reduce muscle cramps because it is rich in the most important electrolytes…

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium

These are the same sorts of ingredients found in isotonic drinks; however, the acid in pickle juice is different than that found in isotonic drinks. Whereas they contain citric acid, pickle juice contains acetic acid.

Pickle juice also helps with other types of cramps, such as those experienced during menstruation. Additionally, pickle juice can help quell cravings associated with PMS related hormonal fluctuations.

Pickle Juice For Your General Health

Reap plenty of health benefits by using pickle juice everyday!

But does pickle juice help heartburn? Check out these pickle juice remedies:

  • Pickle juice for heartburn: When you’re suffering with heartburn, you can reach for the apple cider vinegar or you can reach for the pickle juice.
  • Pickle juice for acid reflux: The pH level of pickle juice is stellar at calming acid reflux and rebalancing the pH levels in your stomach.
  • Pickle juice for sore throat: When you have a sore throat, try sipping and gargling pickle juice. The acidity helps kill off germs and bacteria in your throat and balances pH levels
  • Pickle juice for constipation: For constipation, try drinking a full glass of pickle juice! That should set you right
  • Pickle juice for upset stomach: When you have an upset stomach, drinking pickle juice will support your digestive processes and help relieve pain and discomfort by neutralizing your stomach acids. Just a few sips will help.
  • Pickle juice for hiccups: For cure of hiccups, toss back a shot glass of pickle juice. It may just be the shock value, but for whatever reason, it works!
  • Pickle juice for a hangover: When you woke up after a night of extreme party and booze, you can use pickle juice as hangover cure.

Using Pickle Juice In The Kitchen

You can use pickle juice in the place of vinegar in almost any recipe. You can also use it instead of salt because it is so rich in salt.

For example, adding it to the cooking water when you are boiling potatoes or pasta will impart a lively flavor to these foods.

You can also use pickle juice in place of some liquid in almost any recipe. For example, try adding a quarter of a cup to your usual meatloaf recipe for a zesty flavor.

You can even use pickle juice as a portion of the liquid you use when baking bread. This makes a delicious, flavorful loaf of bread that many people refer to as “Jewish Deli Bread”.

Pickle juice can be used as a general flavor enhancer in many types of foods.

If you want to brine something, pickle juice will come in handy. So save that pickle juice and bring it out whenever you want some brine recipe.

Adding bottled pickle juice to your barbecue sauce, packaged macaroni and cheese, beef broth, veggie juice, sauerkraut juice, cucumber juice, salad dressing, vinegar dip, hummus or just about any other dish you can dream of results in a surprising and delightful flavor boost.

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If you’re making French fries, cut them up in advance and soak them in pickle juice overnight for delicious taste. It also makes a startlingly tasty popsicle, and you can pour it over shaved ice to make a pickly snow-cone!

Pickle juice makes an excellent tenderizer and marinade. It can serve as fish, poultry, and meat tenderizer.

It is especially good to use with wild meat or tough cuts of meat. Just place your meat in a shallow dish, pour in pickle juice, cover the container and place it in the refrigerator overnight.

The next day, prepare your meat as you desire. You will find it tender and flavorful.

Create your own pickled foods! Save up your pickle juice and pickle a dozen hard-boiled eggs or some carrots, cucumbers, onions or any other veggie you desire. It also tastes great on potato salads!

Watermelon rind (with the tough outer skin removed) makes a surprisingly tasty pickled treat!

To do this, it’s a good idea to save pickle juice all of the same type so that you have a uniform flavor.

Just put the food you want to pickle into a clean glass jar, fill the jar with pickle juice, close it tightly and set it in your refrigerator for at least four days (a week is really better!)

Uses In Your Home Bar

  • Pickle juice makes a nice addition to a Bloody Mary or Virgin Mary. You might also try adding a shot of pickle juice to a cold beer! This is surprisingly refreshing!
  • Make a dirty martini juice! Apart from olive brine, you can substitute it for pickle juice in making this fine drink!
  • Try chasing your whiskey with a shot of pickle juice. This is a popular “back”, especially for cheap whiskey. The pickle juice soothes your tongue and your tummy and makes the whiskey more palatable.
  • If you’re unfortunate enough to have a hangover, drink a glass of pickle juice. It re-hydrates your body efficiently and replenishes your sodium levels.

Pickle Juice Around The House & Garden

On top of all of its gastronomic and medicinal uses, pickle juice also makes a great copper cleaner! You can get your copper pan bottoms sparkling clean with just a quick application of pickle juice.

In the garden, you can spray pickle juice on weeds to kill them or mix it into your compost heap to add acidity to the soil. This is especially helpful for acid loving plants such as rhododendrons and hydrangeas.

Give It A Shot! You Have Nothing To Lose!

It’s easy to see that pickle juice has been greatly underappreciated for a good many years.

Next time you finish a jar of pickles, remember not to throw that “liquid gold” out. Instead, add a little free zest to your life with some of the smart ideas presented here!

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