5 Uses For WD-40 In The Garden

Some people recommend using WD-40 in the garden because it can kill and repel pests and weeds.

However, those who suggest this method instruct users to only spray around your plant, not on it because WD-40 can burn plants.

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This product also contains many substances that are harmful to human and animal health and can cause problems such as: 

  • Trouble breathing and respiratory complications
  • Damage to embryos, fetuses, and unborn babies
  • Damage to the central nervous system (CNS) 
  • Loss of balance, drowsiness, and dizziness
  • Allergic reactions and skin irritation
  • Environmental and aquatic damage
  • Genetic defects and cancer
  • Organ damage
  • Death (if ingested)

For this reason, it is not a good idea to use WD 40 to kill weeds or to spray it around your garden otherwise.

Even so, there are many ways to carefully use this tried-and-true product to keep your garden equipment and accessories clean and operate smoothly.

In this article, we will share five ways to use WD 40 in your garden. Read on to learn more. 

Five Ways To Use WD-40 In The Garden

#1 – Lawn Mower

Before mowing, spray your mower’s blades and wipe them lightly. This will help prevent grass from sticking to the blades and clogging up the works.

After mowing, here’s what to do:

  • Wipe the mower down and apply WD-40 to the blades and all moving metal parts.
  • Allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then wipe away excess with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Store your lawn mower in a sheltered location. 

#2 – Garden Trimmer

Clean and protect your garden trimmer to keep it rust-free and running smoothly and safely. Just wipe off loose dirt and debris with a clean, dry cloth.

Follow up by spraying all metal parts liberally with WD-40.

Allow the product to sit on the metal for a few minutes to penetrate cracks and crevices. Wipe off excess with a clean, soft cloth.

For challenging grimes, use a soft brush to get into tight spots.

Finish up by polishing your garden trimmer and storing it safely in a moisture-free spot. 

#3 – Garden Tools

Clean and protect all of your gardening implements with WD-40.

From hoe blades to garden shears, all your gardening tools will benefit from applying WD-40 to keep moving parts operating smoothly and protect against rust and corrosion.

Remember to clean your tools after every use by wiping or washing off excess dirt and debris.

Wipe your tools dry and apply a light coating of WD-40, either by spraying lightly and then wiping away excess or by wiping the tool with a cloth treated with the product.

Remember to store your tools in a sheltered setting.

How to Clean Gardening Tools & Protect from Wear With WD-40 Specialist Lawn & Garden Range

#4 – Garden Gates

Keep your garden gate hinges operating smoothly and quietly with a regular application of WD-40.

For rusted hinges, spray the product on them and allow it to sit to help dissolve and penetrate the rust. Wipe off excess with a clean cloth.

For garden gate maintenance, spray the product on a clean cloth and wipe the hinges down periodically. 

#5 – Lawn Furniture

Keep the moving parts of metal lawn furniture functioning smoothly by occasionally spraying with WD-40.

Allow the product to sit for a few moments, then wipe off excess to prevent drips and stains.

Then, protect metal parts of your lawn furniture against rust and corrosion using WD-40 as a polish.

Next, spray the product onto a clean, soft cloth and wipe all metal surfaces of lawn furniture to produce a clean, smooth, protective shine.

Finally, use a soft brush and WD-40 to remove stubborn grime.

Use WD-40 Safely In The Garden

While it might be tempting to try spraying WD-40 around to kill weeds, remember that this is not the use for which this product is intended.

WD-40 is a toxic petroleum product that can damage your health and the environment if it is misused. 

The uses presented here are those that the manufacturer approves of this product.

Follow this advice, wear the correct protective equipment and read the label carefully before using WD-40 to clean and maintain your garden tools, equipment, and gear.

Safe use of this product can significantly improve your gardening experience and success.

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