How To Water The Orange Mandarin Spider Plant

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Novice and expert gardeners love the Mandarin Orange Spider Plant (Chlorophytum orchidastrum) plus it is an easy plant to maintain. Chlorophytum orchidastrum Fire is a cousin of the Chlorophytum comosum spider plant.

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How Often Should You Water The Orange Mandarin Chlorophytum?

Usually, it is best to water Mandarin spider plants about once a week when growing in well-draining soil. Check the top inch of the plant’s soil to see if it’s dry. If it is not, wait another day and then re-check.

However, many factors must be considered when determining your plant’s watering needs.

Factors To Consider When Watering Mandarin Spider Plants

While most gardeners recommend watering the Mandarin Spider Plant once a week, but many factors can affect your plant’s watering needs.


The Mandarin Spider Plant prefers bright, indirect light. The amount of sunlight the plant receives can affect the plant’s watering needs.

For example, if you keep your plant indoors and exposed to the bright, indirect light from a window, it will need less water than a plant growing outdoors.

Less water is necessary because the lower light indoors won’t dry out your soil as quickly. The soil generally dries out faster when plants are exposed to bright light outdoors.

If your spider plant grows outdoors, water it more frequently than when grown as a houseplant.

Temperature And Humidity

Besides exposure to sunlight, temperature and humidity affect a plant’s watering needs.  If you live in a warm, humid environment, the soil dries out slower, requiring less watering.

On the flip side, if you live in a drier more arid climate, you’ll notice that the soil dries out much faster. You will need to water your Orange Mandarin Plant more often.


Spider plants thrive in a well-draining soil mix of peat moss and perlite. Pre-mixed bagged soil is also an option. You will find that one soil type drains faster and requires more frequent watering.

Type Of Pot

Orange Mandarin spiders need a pot or hanging basket with plenty of drainage holes. Every pot’s drainage rate will be different. Some pots may lose water faster than others. Fast drainage, means more frequent watering.

Choosing your plant’s container may seem unimportant. But, the planter’s size, shape, and material impact a plant’s watering needs.

A shallow planter or tiny pot will not keep moisture for very long.

Also, porous pots like terracotta allow the soil to dry more evenly than plastic pots. Ceramic and wood planters are also good options if you want the soil to dry out quickly.

In addition, porous materials like terracotta will allow the soil to dry more evenly than plastic pots. Ceramic and wood planters are also good options if you want the soil to dry out quickly.

There are many watering factors to consider:

  • Pot size
  • Drainage ability
  • Material
  • Shape

How Often Should You Water the Mandarin Orange Spider Plant?

The standard watering recommendation for Mandarin Orange Spider plants is once a week. But, we now know you can’t base your watering on that.

The best plant watering indicator is your soil. It will tell you when you need to water your plant. When the top inch or two of soil is dry, it is a good time to water.

Remember, temperature, humidity, soil, and the pot affects your plant’s watering needs.

The only accurate way to tell when to water Mandarin Orange spider plants is to check the soil’s moisture level.

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