leaf-footed bug

The Coreidae are a large family of predominantly herbivorous insects (leaf-footed bugs) that belong in the hemipteran suborder Heteroptera. More than 1,900 species are placed in over 270 genera. They vary in size from 7 to 45 mm long, making the larger species some of the biggest heteropterans. The body shape of coreids is quite variable, with some species broadly oval while others are slender. Coreids are found throughout the world, but most species are found in the tropics and subtropics. In North America, they are colloquially called “squash bugs”, because some species, such as Anasa tristis, are pests of squash plants and other cucurbits. They are also called “leaf-footed bugs” due to the leaf-like expansions some species have on their hind legs. Some coreids, such as Phyllomorpha laciniata, exhibit parental care by carrying their eggs. This behaviour can protect the eggs from parisitism.