How Far Apart To Plant Peppers

Proper planting space for pepper

It’s hard to go anywhere there’s food and not see a member of the genus Capsicum or one of its hybrids or cultivars present. The fruit of these plants is

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Pepper Plants?

Coffee Grounds for Pepper Plants

Coffee grounds are a popular addition for gardeners. Many believe adding coffee grounds to potting soil, or their garden helps pepper plants grow and yield more.  Coffee grounds do contain

Why Are My Pepper Plant Leaves Turning Yellow?

yellow pepper plant leaves

The leaves of Pepper plants turning yellow can be a bad sign. Whether you have chili peppers or sweet bell peppers in your garden, yellowing leaves can be fixed. This article looks at the causes for yellow pepper plant leaves. [DETAILS]

How To Save Pepper Seeds

Collect and save pepper seeds for next growing season

Saving pepper seeds is one of the easiest vegetable seeds to collect and preserve. By harvesting the best peppers on the plant, collecting the healthiest looking seeds, and storing them

What Is Eating My Pepper Plants At Night?

what is eating pepper plant at night

Many of us have walked through our garden in the morning, found holes in tomato and pepper plant leaves and asked – What is eating my pepper plants at night? Is it Cabbage worms, tomato worms, army worms. What causes it?

How To Grow The Chile Peppers Plant

peppers on a Chili Pepper plant

The Chile Peppers plant goes by many names: chili, chilies, and chiles. This diverse plant shows off by producing some very diverse fruits that vary in size, shape, and colors.