9 Uses For Old Garden Hoses

Once your garden hose no longer “works” as it should it can still be useful around the house and out in the garden.

Before throwing the leaky water hose in the trash, see if you can use any of the ways below to get more milage out of it!


Tree Support

You can use it to support weak trees or newly planted trees. Cut chunks of old garden hoses and use them around trees to keep them from leaning.

Cut holes on it and run a wire or rope through the hose and tie it lightly around the tree and stake it firm on the ground.

Deep Watering Pots

Cut a piece of the garden hose that has the length of your flower pot and make holes out of it so that water can run out. Place this piece in the middle of your flower pot and fill with dirt.

Add Water in the hose without washing out the dirt. It’s very efficient in strawberry planters as it prevent one from knocking the flowers off the plant. Similar to deep watering tomato plants.

Giant Water Level

We always used a water level when building greenhouses. Attach a 3-foot piece of clear vinyl to each end of a garden hose or [Mayes water level tubes] and fill with colored water.

Since water always “seeks” its own level, and old hose can become a a giant water level. Excellent for leveling structures, patios, fences and more.

Here’s A video how to make a water level with a hose

Landscaping Tool

Old garden hoses are great for helping create a visual layout for borders and garden beds. They can easily be moved and curved before starting to dig and plant a bed or build a berm.

Perfect for laying out a flower and landscape beds. Hoses can easily be curved and moved around to give you a visual layout and borders before digging and planting.

Drip Hose To Water Flower Beds

After you’ve laid out the bed… if the hose leaks, make yourself a drip hose. Crimp one end. Lay it in the flower garden or bed and mark the places where the flower stems are. Make holes on the marks for water to escape.

It works best where there is a row of bushes. You can use it all the yearlong. Drain it during the winter as the flowers don’t need to be watered during that time.

Protect Electrical Cords Outside

You can also use it to run the electric cord outside for lighting. Just cut the hose to the needed length and push the chord into the hose. It will protect your cord from weathering. Cut it to fit the length of your cord.

Bucket Handle Grips

Make carrying a bucket so much easier and more comfortable. Take and old section of hose and split down the middle, then slip the hose over the handle of the bucket.

Blade Protector

Same idea as the bucket handle but this one protects saw blades. Cut the hose the length of the blade and slit down the side and slide over saw blades, hacksaws and chainsaws as covers. Works great with knife or ice skate blades too.

Tool Hanger

Attach a board to the wall in the garage, make a loop large enough for a shovel handle, screw hose to the board, repeat as many times as you want.

Garden Art

Make shapes of flowers, screw or nail them to a surface, paint the inside of the petals different colors to decorate ugly outside walls with them. Neat idea of a big garage wall outside!

Other ideas for old garden hoses at pinterest.

Make A Garden Hose Last

Working in the garden is a fulfilling way to spend your time during the warmer months. In addition to soil and sunlight, yours plants and vegetables will require an ample supply of water to keep growing.

A quality garden hoses can cost a few bucks so you’ll want to make yours last.

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