How To Use Epsom Salt For Stump Removal


Epsom Salt has many uses besides making baths more relaxing and healthy for your skin and body.

Epsom salts are also used for growing sweeter tomatoes and helping roses have brighter blooms. It’s a great “growing tool” in the garden.

If you have ever asked the question of “how to remove a tree stump” epsom salt can help naturally remove tree stumps without the use of toxic chemicals.

In high dosages, Epsom Salt of Magnesium Sulfate can kill plants so it can also be used to kill a tree stump – which are why it is one of the most popular “natural” options for removing tree stumps, not to mention the cheapest.

Removing A Stump with Epsom Salt

Begin by drilling holes in the stumps starting three inches from the outer edge and working your way inside.

Ideally, the holes should be eight inches in depth or more than half of the actual length of the stump.

Pour Epsom salt into the holes and moisten them slightly using water. Leave this for the night until the Epsom salt is fully absorbed by the trunk. Reapplication might be needed every few weeks or so.

Epsom salt works as a dehydrating agent, traveling to the roots of the tree and sucking out the moisture.

The length of time it takes for the stump to die usually depends on the size of the stump itself.

Some Things to Remember

Note that the water is only added to moisten the Epsom salt and speed up the absorption process. However, making it too damp can actually be detrimental since the salt runs off the trunk.

It’s best to do this during the hot season so that the trunk’s roots have no other place to obtain moisture.

If you’re removing a stump during rainy season however, make sure that you:

  • Place a tarp on top of the trunk to cover the holes
  • Place Epsom salt on any exposed root so that it wouldn’t obtain moisture from the soil.

Why Use Epsom Salt?

With so many options to remove stumps, why is Epsom salt a preferred technique?

  • Epsom salt use is not physically draining. Beyond having to drill holes into the stump, you don’t have to do anything else that demands physical activity.
  • The use of Epsom salt directly on the stump manages to kill the tree trunk without actually harming the soil.
  • Epsom salt is cheap plus you can use any left over for other needs.

Video: Remove a Tree Stump using Epsom Salt

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