How to Safely Prune Tree Branches with a Pole Saw

Pruning helps trees develop healthily, bloom, grow fruit and maintain a desirable shape. During the seasons when storms, strong winds and hurricanes may strike unexpectedly, keeping trees pruned minimizes the

5+ Uses For Coffee Filters In The Garden

Coffee, we love our cup in the morning. Coffee grounds are great fertilizer and soil builders making it great for the garden. The grinds are used in composting, increasing the color

Chemical Storage Cabinet

Question: Can you give some recommendations on a chemical storage cabinet for our home? We just moved into a new house, at our old house the chemicals (wrongly) sat on

How To Choose The Best Garden Hose

We’ve shared 9 Uses For Old Garden Hoses and for some it may not seem like a vitally important decision, or one you should spend too much time on. Really,