Many Months of Lily Bloom

Bright orange Asiatic lilies in bloom

Few flowers have gained greater popularity in recent years than the many kinds of hybrid lilies. These glamorous bulbs, like Asiatic lilies from the far corners of the world, in

How To Make Good Soil For A Garden

Woman working in garden turning soil

Picture to yourself an enormous factory manned by innumerable workers, each one assigned to his task of converting raw materials into more finished goods. Each worker toiling endlessly, never off

Mid-Day Flowers – The Mesembryanthemum

Mid Day Flower

Want to light a floral bonfire? Then try some plants of the mesembryanthemum group (ice plant) in your garden or on your pot plant shelf. Probably no other plants offer

How To Get Your Soil Ready For Gardening

soil in raised garden beds preparing for planting

The first spring flowers will be greeting the eye any day now. There will be chionodoxas, snowdrops, scillas, narcissus, hyacinths, tulips and other spring flowers. Snow has receded leaving a

Try Summer Bulbs For Sure Fire Results

Pink blooms of the Tigridia Flower

A number of summer flowering bulbs have been available for years but too few of us grow them. They have many distinct uses but especially are they useful to those