What Is Lantana Urticoides And How To Grow It

Growing Lantana Urticoides

Lantana urticoides (lan-TAN-a ur-tih-KOY-deez)  is a plant member of the Verbena (Verbenaceae) family.  It has many names, and you may hear it referred to as:  The plants’ common names are

Lemon Verbena Care: How To Grow Grow Aloysia Citriodora

Lemon Verbena blooms up close

The Lemon Verbena plant is a herbaceous perennial member of the Verbenaceae family. The botanical name is Aloysia citriodora (kom-OH-sum sit-ree-oh-DOR-uh). Verbena’s hail from Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile, South America.

How To Care For Clerodendrum Glory Bower Plants

Flowering Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Clerodendrum thomsoniae, also known as “Bleeding-Heart Vine,” is a twining tropical perennial that originated in West Africa.  It is often listed as C. thomsoniae and is sometimes considered a member