How to Grow and Care for Myoporum Parvifolium

Flowering Myoporum parvifolium plant

Myoporum Parvifolium (my-OH-por-um, par-vee-FOH-lee-um) is a spreading shrub from the Scrophulariaceae or figwort family which absorbed the original family of myoporaceae. It is an evergreen perennial native to South Australia,

Lophospermum: How To Grow and Care For Mexican Twist

Flowers of the Lophospermum_erubescens also known as the Mexican Twist

Lophospermum [Lo-fo-sper-mum] plants are an herbaceous scrambler or climber species from the Plantaginaceae family along with: Traditionally these plants were a part of the Scrophulariaceae family and native to Guatemala

Bacopa Plant Care: How To Grow Annual Sutera Cordata

Flowering Bacopa (Sutera Cordata)

Sutera cordata [SOO-ter-uh kor-DAY-tuh] known as the Bacopa plant [buh-KOH-puh] is an attractive, creeping annual plant hailing from the rainier regions of South Africa and belongs to the family Scrophulariaceae.