Tahitian Gardenia Plant Growing and Care

Tahitian Gardenia taitensis

Tahitian gardenia shrub, flowers every year during the spring and summer months. It is a popular choice for warm-weather gardens. This article shares growing and care details.

Tips on Growing Gardenia Frostproof Plants

Flowering Frost Proof Gardenia

Frost Proof Gardenia is a popular cultivar because it allows homeowners to enjoy the cape jasmine in colder climates. It is surprisingly durable overall and resistant to many common diseases, deer, drought, heat, and mildew. This article shares growing and care information.

How To Grow and Care For August Beauty Gardenia

Bloom of the popular August Beauty Gardenia

The evergreen, deciduous shrub, August Beauty (Gardenia jasminoides/gar-DEEN-ee-uh jas-min-NOY-deez), is native to Japan and southern China. You may also hear this member of the Rubiaceae family referred to as Cape

Cape Jasmine Care: Tips on Growing Gardenia Jasminoides

Close up green Gardenia jasminoides (gardenia, cape jasmine, cape jessamine)

Cape jasmine is a popular tropical evergreen shrub and perennial flower. It’s grown for its exquisite fragrances and attractive creamy-white flowers. Gardenia jasminoides is from Africa’s subtropical regions, southern Asia,

Sweet Woodruff Care: Growing The Galium Odorata

White flowers of Galium odoratum

Galium odorata (GAL-ee-um oh-dor-AY-tum) is an herbaceous perennial groundcover that is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. This member of the Rubiaceae family is a hardy, low-maintenance plant that

Dwarf Ixora: Growing And Care

Blooming Dwarf Ixora

Known as Ixora Taiwanensis, or by the common name Dwarf Ixora plant, the showy flowers make it a fabulous accent plant and small accent shrub. The Ixora plant is loved

Hamelia Patens Care: Tips On Growing The Firebush

Red-Orange Blooming Hamelia Patens (firebush)

Hamelia patens [ham-EE-lee-uh, PAT-ens] (syn. Hamelia erecta) is a beautiful flowering species of small trees or perennial shrubs belonging to the coffee tree or madder family, Rubiaceae.  The native plant heeds from the