When To Start Fertilizing Indoor Plants

When To Fertilize Indoor Plants

The best time to begin fertilizing any plant is at the beginning of its growing season. Typically, this means early in the springtime after a winter season of rest.  This

What Is A Good Calathea Fertilizer?

Calathea fertilizer

Nothing beats relaxing on a warm summer’s evening, sipping a mint julep or other relaxing drink and watching as your prayer plant slowly folds its leaves for the night. While

What Is A Good Ficus Fertilizer?

Good Ficus Fertilizer

Ficus are popular indoor plants for homes with bright lighting. Unfortunately, Ficus is a tropical plant, and so in most homes, it needs to be kept warm in the winter

What Is The Best Prayer Plant Fertilizer

Prayer Plant Fertilizer

Prayer plants may not have the greatest blooms or a lot of variegation, but the unique design of their leaves has made these plants quite popular. Several plants bear the