As A Tomato: Why I Crack or Split!

Ripe and green tomatoes on vine.

Hello, tomato enthusiasts! I’m a wise old tomato plant. My seeds have been saved from season to season. My family has years of growing experience, weathering sun and storms. Today,

Best Fertilizer For Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedling Fertilizer

Plants, like kids, need a well-balanced diet to grow up healthy and strong. However, tomatoes are an extra special case. To get the most out of your tomato plant, you’ll

How Deep To Plant Tomatoes

Deep Planting Tomatoes

One frequent problem many gardeners encounter with tomato plants is leggy, spindly growth. The best way to prevent this is to plant your tomato plants as deeply as possible to

How To Save Tomato Seeds

Saving Tomato Seeds

It is very easy to collect and save tomato seeds. Because open-pollinated and heirloom seeds are generally self-pollinating when you collect and save their seed, you can be reasonably sure

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Tomato Plants?

Coffee Grounds for Tomato Plants

Many people have become fond of putting coffee grounds on plants as a mulch or fertilizer, claiming that the coffee grounds are an excellent tonic for their garden.  While it