How To Get Rid of Aphids on Daylilies

Aphids feeding on daylilies

Daylilies are colorful perennials that brighten up any garden. They need lots of sunlight and love to care to thrive. Once planted, daylilies are easy to maintain and care for,

When Should You Cut Back Daylilies?

Red and yellow flowers of daylilies, Hemerocallis flowers

Daylilies are a plant many backyard gardeners consider a “fan favorite.” Daylilies adapt quickly to a vast range of soil and climate conditions.  They are also generally free from any

Growing Daylilies For Midseason Color

colorful daylilies yellow gold with a red throat

Daylilies (hemerocallis) are summertime standouts in any garden – more on daylily care here. If you still think of daylilies as dull bronze or slim-petaled yellow flowers, there is a

Daylilies Bloom Eight Months A Year

yellow blooming daylily

One of the first questions asked about daylily care is “How long do daylilies bloom?” From my experience, I’ve had daylilies flower for 8 months. Read on to learn more

Daylily Care: How To Grow Daylilies

bright blooms of the daylily

So you’re interested in daylily care and growing the colorful bulbs. For starters, the preferred planting seasons for daylily bulbs (Hemerocallis) are spring and fall, but you can plant daylilies any