Snake Plant Flower: The Rare Mother In Law Tongue Flower

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The Snake plant (Sansevieria) is also known by the common names:

  • Mother-in-law’s tongue
  • Viper Bowstring hemp
Flower of the snake plant (Sansevieria) tongue plantPin
Flowers of the Snake Plant | OFranz | DepositPhotos

Flowers of the Snake Plant | OFranz | DepositPhotos

Most people don’t realize this rugged, ubiquitous houseplant (Sansevieria trifasciata reclassified as Dracaena trifasciata) can sometimes flower.

This is a rare occasion and never happens more than once annually, usually in the springtime, and usually only with plants living outdoors year-round.

Does Anything Special Need To Be Done With The Flower Or Snake Plant?

You’re sure to have seen Mother-in-Laws Tongue or Snake Plants in public settings and on your grandma’s windowsill.

These plants multiply quickly and can withstand a great deal of neglect. Even low light conditions.

Neglect is what can often spur the plant to bloom.

No Special Gardening Tips Needed!

When these plants are left to their resources, with little water and plenty of bright lighting levels, they spread quickly and can very rapidly become root-bound.

This is what often stimulates the plant to bloom.

The reason for this is neglect gives the tropical snake plant the message that it will die from drought.

Snake plant flower bloom, a unique featurePin

This motivates it to produce flowers (seeds) to spread and hopefully take root and thrive.

Regarding soil requirements, snake plants also don’t require anything special. They only need light, well-draining soil to thrive. 

However, the potting mix will also do just fine as long as it has adequate drainage to prevent root rot.

They also don’t require a lot of fertilizer or added nutrients to grow.

Moreover, they fill up the pot when kept in good light and watered less.

Favorite Sansevieria Varieties

What Does The Flower Look Like, And How Big Does It Get?

When it does bloom from the rosette, the flowers grow along with tall stalks or flower spikes.

The flower stalk grows as tall as 3’ feet high and is covered in small, honeysuckle-like greenish, cream, greenish-white, or white flowers.

These clusters of flowers have thin petals and resemble small lily or honeysuckle flowers.

You may also notice small flower buds growing in clusters at the base of the plant.

Does It Have A Fragrance?

  • The blossoms are richly fragrant at night and contain very sweet, sticky nectar, which appears as dew drops on the blossom stems.
  • It often emits a spicy jasmine or vanilla-like scent.
  • Blossoms close during the daytime and open after dark.

How Long Do Snake Plant Flowers Last?

There is no information available regarding how long the blooms will last. 

When they do die back, prune the long flowering stalk off at the base to help the plant conserve energy and present a tidier appearance. 

Can The Flower Be Used In Flower Arrangements?

Although these snake plants flower is showy, it’s typically not sturdy enough for flower arrangements. Enjoy them where they are.

Does The Snake Plant Die After Flowering?

Sansevieria will not die after flowering. The blossoms transition into orange berries.

This Snake Plant surprised its keeper with blooms indoors.

Here is a Snake Plant blooming abundantly outdoors in tropical India.

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