Small Japanese Garden Transforms This Backyard – Watch

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When faced with a postage stamp backyard, many homeowners think they have few options. A small Japanese garden design doesn’t even cross their mind.

So, take a quick moment to learn how to make a Japanese garden.


This video shows the possibilities and why you may want to consider a Japanese garden even if you only have a small space available in your future Japanese garden backyard.

Japanese rock gardens, also known as karesansui gardens, definitely have something innately appealing about them.

It just might be the way they project great real-world landscapes on a smaller lot. It could be the obvious appeal has to do with their enigmatic nature! No matter what it is, these small replicas of paradise have been around for eras.

Tranquil Japanese garden with stepping stones and lantern.Pin
Photo Credit: Instagram @garden_blog_usa

The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends putting aside an amount equal to 5 to 10% of your home’s worth just for landscaping cost for your yard!

Look at these small backyard zen garden ideas.

Surely, you can come up with an awesome yard if you put that aside, but if you’re only looking for a low-cost new landscape design, a Zen garden might be ‘right up your alley.’

Carefully watch the video below to see how Jason creates a peaceful Japanese-inspired garden. You can also come up with your Japanese backyard tea garden or any setting according to preference. The Ritsurin Garden, one of the most historical gardens in Japan, serves as a good reference as well. For more designs, check out

Here’s more Japanese style gardens for more ideas!

This bright and beautiful Japanese garden with red maple bushes and trees all around the walkway. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. The colors wash over anyone who walks through.


Beautiful, unique benches around the garden. The curved legs give a sense of togetherness. The plant “frame” well against the white background wall.


This is a beautiful green garden shows various deciduous shrubs and bushes with different textures and green foliage. A nice place to meditate.


This beautiful enclosed Japanese botanical garden shows off lots of greenery and bonsai trees against the light colored wall. The stone on walkway provides a pretty checker board pattern. The whole garden gives a very serene, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


Up close we see a small tree. The perspective of it makes us feel as small as the tree. It seems like small garden with plants well taken care of in a busy neighborhood.


A traditional Japanese rockery garden look. The sand raked in a way to create a calming affect. A large statue of Buddha watches over this garden.


One of the most interesting features of this small Japanese garden is the stepping stones leading to different parts of the garden. Another interesting feature is the random rocks in some places; they really add flavor to the scene.


A light trickle of water is coming out of a bamboo pipe. One can assume this garden is very well taken care of, and its owner takes pride in its appearance.


This is an old-style Japanese well that serves as a small water feature. It brings us back to a time long ago, brings history to life, and makes us think about how things were way back then. It is beautiful.


These Japanese garden ideas contain a medium-sized Japanese maple in the background with lights wrapped around it. The large rock in the foreground and a rock fountain area look as if they have always been there.


This stylish Japanese garden features a large bowl fountain. The bowl’s curvature lets water freely flow down its side and into the pond. A garden bridge makes a good addition to this setting.

Tranquil Japanese garden with vibrant foliage and water feature.Pin
Photo Credit: Instagram @koi.society
Zen garden with stone lantern and bridgePin
Photo Credit: Instagram @cape_outdoor
Bonsai trees on display in a garden settingPin
Photo Credit: Instagram @oldcarboncustom

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