Science Agrees With The Amazing Rosemary Health Benefits In Culinary And Medicine

The Rosemary plant (Rosmarinus officinalis) an evergreen and naturally fragrant herb found in the Mediterranean and the tropics. The rosemary, makes one of the most reliable ingredients used as a spice in culinary art.

The rosemary herb belongs to the mint family termed as Lamiaceae. The group of herbs in which it belongs has other popular herbs such as basil, thyme, Lavender and oregano.

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The name Rosemary came from the Latin name “ros” meaning dew and “marinus” which means dew. The meaning of the term is supposed to imply sea dew. Except from being culinary purposes, the herb is valued for its usefulness in medicinal value. In addition, it has components provides great health benefits to people. [source]

Learn about the Trailing Rosemary variety Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Prostratus’.

Curative Value Of Rosemary

From the ancient times, doctors or healers used rosemary for medicinal purposes. Many believed and science agrees on its ability to eliminate muscle pain and improve the memory of the users. [source]

The herb contains a keratin component, essential in the promotion of hair growth. These components can greatly boost the immune system.

Historical times recorded the use of Rosemary as a symbol of fidelity. The largely grown evergreen herb in Europe and America, was also used for preparation of costumes, decorations, and placed on gift wrapping.

Moreover, the rosemary tree appeared as an important design in many flower gardens. This features of the rosemary tree enhanced the aesthetic value of different gardens.

On the other hand, the herb packs in iron which aids in keeping the blood healthy. The red blood cells require strong pigment to enable the transportation of oxygenated blood through the arteries and deoxygenated blood through the veins. Moreover, the iron helps to strengthen the bones in the body. [source]

Rosemary also contains loads of Calcium and Vitamin B6, which help treat various diseases and boost the immune system. You can also use it as spice just by grounding dried rosemary. In addition, some teas and drinking liquids receive a dash of fresh and dried rosemary leaves to add flavor.

Try the rosemary tea for soothing experience or purchase dry rosemary for culinary and medicinal purpose.

Health Benefits Of Taking Rosemary In Your Meals

Improves Food Digestion

The rosemary herb treated and dealt issues of indigestion particularly in England and some parts of the UK. It also serves as a good treatment for an upset stomach, also termed as Dyspepsia.

Nervous Protection

Scientists and researchers proved that rosemary can greatly boost the neurological system. It contains carnosic acid, a component necessary to curb the shedding or free radical damage of the brain.

The presence of carnosic acid, in addition to the important balancing of the blood flow helps in having alertness in life. It makes one more cognitive, and it enhances memory retention.

Revival Of Brains For The Aging

A study conducted in one of the Japanese universities revealed that subjects who consumed the herbs or the variations retained good memory. This increases the chance of treating patients with age-related cognitive decline. In addition, the study indicated that you can take the herb during your growth and keep better cognitive abilities and long-term memory even at old age.

Used in Fighting Cancer

Rosemary makes an important component in producing the compound called the Crude Ethanolic Rosemary Extract. The compound can fight against leukemia and breast cancer cells. This amazing health benefit shows rosemary herb carries effects that medical researchers can use for anti-tumor purposes.

When cooking or eating roasted red meat, adding ground rosemary or sprinkling it on the meat can prevent the development of cancer causing agents.

Safeguarding The Elderly Against Retinal Macular Degeneration

Persons of old ages develop a mucus-like substance around their eyes. This substance causes poor vision in old age which appears as a common problem in the UK and USA. This indicates a retinal macular degeneration issue.

The rosemary herb helps prevent this condition from occurring along with other diseases. This makes rosemary one of the secrets of Italian Italian centenarians to achieve a long and healthy life.

Potential In Fighting Diabetes

Experts observe the rosemary herb more among other herbs in its family group, as it holds high potential to suppress diabetes. So far, tests proved that rosemary can subdue type 2 diabetes. This feature served as a reference to current applications of medicine used for handling diabetes. Further research on the herb continues to establish the most efficient form.

Other Non-Medical Benefits

Rosemary as a source of mint makes a desirable compound. This component becomes useful for other various purposes. They include:

Mint plays a huge role in manufacturing sprays. It offers a refreshing scent that stays for prolonged periods.

In manufacturing toothpaste, mint serves as a key component. Many organizations depend on rosemary to get the mint. This is in addition to chamomile and paste used for making toothpaste.

Mint functions as an important component in soaps which makes the soap refreshing.

It is used as a spice for flavoring dishes. For instance, chefs add mint to the preparation of chicken and fish dishes giving them a more favorable taste. You can also add it on soups as it gives a sour crispy flavor.

Drug With Rosemary As A Component

Several drugs contain rosemary as a component. They include

ACE Inhibitors

These drugs get often used to treat high blood pressure. Examples of ACE inhibitor drugs include fosinopril, Captpril, Elaropril and lisinopril.


As a diuretic, rosemary helps lithium get to toxic levels in the body which results in manic depression.

Blood Thinning Medication

Rosemary also acts as blood thinning agent used in Aspirin and Clopidogrel.

A Rich Source Of Antioxidants And Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Rosemary serves as a rich source of antioxidants which help improve the immune system. Its components assist in getting better blood circulation. With the help of its mint content, the herb can refresh the blood and neutralize harmful compounds.

Its anti-inflammatory effects can greatly impact the healing and defensive ability of your body. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties work so great that it can balance androgen and estrogen levels, greatly reduce risk of having cancer, and increase the nerve growth factor, all thanks to the help of carnosic acid. This carnosic acid, present on both rosemary and sage also plays the role of an effective and natural preservative.

Rosemary As An Essential Oil

Another amazing health benefit of rosemary is its versatility, as it can ensure great health and well-being while in the form of an essential. The rosemary oil makes one of the best and most beneficial essential oils out there.

Most rosemary oil enthusiasts apply the essential oil to their hair to promote hair growth. Claims about its ability to prevent baldness, slow graying, and treat dandruff spread like wildfire. The amazing results convinced more people with hair issues to experience how the oil produce remarkable results particularly with hair growth.

Rosemary oil also prevents memory loss. It enhances the memory and strengthens the mental ability. Evidence of these effects dates back thousands of years ago. According to many studies, rosemary oil can help treat or prevent the development of Alzheimer disease.

The rosemary essential oil solves issues of gastrointestinal complaints. Apart from this, it makes an excellent detoxifier that helps flush out toxins from the liver and gall bladder.

Selecting And Storage Of Rosemary

Rosemary works best when consumed fresh. However, if you need to store the herb, take extra care when doing so.

Fresh rosemary leaves look deep sage green in color. When the leaves become spoiled, they will smell awfully and the leaves will earn yellow and dark spots.

You can store its fresh green leaves in the refrigerator to ensure they remain fresh for prolonged periods. This assists in getting the same flavor even after using the green leaves after some time. You can wrap them in a damp paper towel or store without any covering.

Keep the sprigs of the rosemary leaves in ice cubes to ensure they remain fresh. These extra care serves great purpose as the ingredient works as a taste-adding agent in soups and pastry products.

Nevertheless, dried leaves will lose the green color. You can transform it into smaller bits while the color turns yellowish or brownish. The ground powder is stocked in containers with no preservatives.

The chopped pieces or smaller bits will taste good in rice and other pasta. Sometimes, chefs sprinkle chopped rosemary leaves to garnish the food. The culinary field depends on rosemary as a key ingredient in cooking and as well for decoration purposes.

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Preparing Rosemary For Use

Ensure you get fresh leaves to use in case you don’t keep powdered rosemary in your stock. Clean the sprigs for it to not become a source of impurities or contamination in soups and other meals. The garnish should appear green in color and don’t forget to cut off any yellowing sprigs.

On the other hand, when buying powder from the shopping mall, the powder should come from organically grown rosemary. This is because the use of pesticides may lead to presence of chemicals in the ground rosemary. This may lead to other unhealthy conditions.

Possible Side Effects And Precautions To Be Observed

When consuming rosemary, you may experience some side effects as a result of undesirable body reactions. Some people may immediately vomit owing to the strong mint smell and taste.

Others will develop spasms due to the sudden effects of the minty taste. Surprisingly, cases of users going into coma after consuming rosemary really took place.

Some people may develop a condition regarded to as the pulmonary edema. This condition results to the development or accumulation of fluids in their lungs. The condition may lead to difficulty in breathing and problems with the respiratory system.

To avoid this, one must consume rosemary in a moderate manner. It should not be taken as a pure component on its own.

Rosemary is a strong herb and with the medicinal components in it, the herb may come as undesirable for use by children and pregnant women.Usage of this herb may cause they may cause development of different body complications. [source]

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