Top Syngonium Varieties

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Syngonium podophyllum (sin-GO-nee-um po-do-FIL-um) is also known as Nephthytis podophyllum. You may also hear it commonly called Lucky Plant, Good Luck Plant, Nephthytis, or Arrowhead Vine. This attractive, hardy plant hails from the tropical Americas. 

Arrowhead Vines of all sorts grow as vines with leaves of three parts in various yet similar shapes. The plants range in size from towering giants in the wild to easily controllable potted plants in your home.

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In this article, we share information on some of the most popular types of Nephthytis, both full size, and miniature, for home use. Read on to learn more. 

Syngonium Varieties

Arrowhead Vines have first developed for distribution in the United States in Florida greenhouses during the 1970s. Some of the varieties cultivated at that time were: 

  • White Butterfly 
  • Xanthophyllum
  • Emerald Gem
  • Variegatum
  • Green Gold
  • Cream

Several other varieties had been developed by the 1990s, including: 

  • Syngonium wendlandii
  • Pink Allusion
  • Lemon Lime
  • Maya Red
  • Compacta
  • Robusta
  • Maxima
  • Patricia
  • Jenny
  • Pixie

Some experts believe that Lemon Lime, Compacta, and Maxima (all self-branching, compact versions) are the same plant. All are derived from White Butterfly. []

10 Popular Varieties Of Syngonium

From this vast selection, many new varieties have arisen since the 1990s. 

Here are the types of Syngonium that are deemed most popular today. 

1. White Butterfly is still a classic. Its leaves display a great deal of white with green markings and green edging. As the name suggests, leaves resemble butterflies. 

This is an excellent choice if a climbing habit is desired. White Butterfly does well when trained to climb a pole or trellis. 

2. Pink Allusion displays a beautiful mix of pink and green markings on foliage bordered in dark green. This is a good selection for a room that receives bright, indirect, or filtered sunlight. 

3. Exotic Allusion has pale green leaves with darker green edging and evenly distributed cream-colored markings. This is a good choice for a room that provides bright, indirect sunlight. 

4. Variegatum has leaves that begin as heart-shaped and then become arrowhead-shaped over time. Its leaves are bright green with a splattering of white. This is a plant that can do well in various home settings. 

5. Green Gold is a natural climber with bright green leaves marked by yellow edges and veins. This plant is the perfect choice for a hanging basket or as the trailing aspect of a combination planter. 

6. Five Finger has deeply lobed leaves in an attractive shade of deep green with random splashes of white. Bright, indirect sunlight will help keep the coloration dramatic and the plant healthy and strong. 

7. Painted Arrow is a colorful choice in splashy shades of green, white, and cream. This plant is a perfect choice for a room that receives medium bright, indirect lighting. 

8. Pink Splash has beautiful light green leaves with tiny green spots. It is a good choice for almost any indoor setting as it is pretty adaptable. 

9. Trileaf Wonder is a slim, upright choice with fascinating leaves. They start a very light shade of green, but they become deeper green and glossy as they mature. This thirsty plant grows fast and does best in a setting that receives plenty of bright, indirect sunlight. 

10. Albolineatum is another fast grower with changeable leaves. This plant has light green foliage at first, but as the leaves mature, they become deep green and develop cream-colored markings. 

5 Compactor Miniature Syngonium Varieties

1. Mini Pixie is a compact variety with a clump-forming growth habit. It displays small, pretty, heart-shaped leaves in an attractive deep green shade with a silver splattering. This Syngonium makes an excellent tabletop or desktop plant. 

2. Bold Allusion is a carefree tabletop or desktop plant that brings a lot of color to any setting. Its leaves are light green with bright pink veins. 

3. Cream Allusion also has pink veins, but its primary foliage color is cream with green accents. This is another good tabletop choice because it has a compact, bushy growth habit. 

4. Holly has pretty silvery-green, pointed leaves. This small plant is perfect for an area that receives moderate sunlight. Its compact growth habit makes it a good choice for a room with limited space. 

5. Emerald Gem has dazzling, deep green leaves with bright, creamy veins. This compact plant makes a good choice in a small space. 

Why Choose Arrowhead Vines To Adorn Your Home? 

Collecting Syngonium is an excellent way to create an indoor garden that displays a lot of variety and needs only one type of care. The leaves of these popular plants vary significantly in size, color, and shape. 

Although all varieties of Syngonium may be referred to as Arrowhead Vine, the fact is, not all of them have arrowhead-shaped leaves.

As the leaves of various types mature, they may take on a heart-shaped, spear-shaped, or even palm leaf appearance. 

This is especially true if the plant is allowed to grow outdoors. In an indoor setting, Nephthytis leaves may maintain their juvenile appearance. 

Syngonium may be grown as a ground cover in a tropical or semi-tropical setting. Indoors, it makes an excellent choice as a hanging basket plant or trained to climb a pole or trellis. 

Syngonium is a reasonably carefree plant if you avoid overhead watering, excessive watering, and overly generous fertilizer use. []

These plants are greatly valued for their attractive, shapely leaves and easy care. Depending upon your climate, you can create a beautiful collection indoors or outdoors.

If you are an adherent of Feng Shui, Lucky Arrowhead Plants can make a perfect addition to your practice and home. 

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