Persian Shield Companion Plants

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Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) is a lovely tropical perennial plant that is valued for its deep purple and chartreuse or lime green variegated iridescent foliage.

It can be kept as a perennial garden plant in USDA hardiness zones 8 to 11 or grown annually in cooler climates.

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It also does well as a houseplant, so if you live in a cool setting, you can take cuttings to grow as houseplants indoors during winter.

Because of its versatility, you can pair Persian Shield with a wide variety of brightly colored blooming and foliage plants.

In this article, we present three clever ways to make good use of the best Persian Shield companion plants. Read on to learn more.

Ideal Used Of Persian Shield Companion Plants

1. Create Mix-and-Match Floral Combinations

The rich colors of Persian Shield make it an excellent choice as a color contrast plant in almost any setting.

It is stunning with purple, lavender, and pink flowers, so some good choices as companion plants include Lantana with purple flowers or Verbena bonariensis. 

Contrasting colors like orange or yellow can be very striking alongside Persian Shield.

For example, a bed of Marigolds with a backdrop of Persian Shield can be very attractive. 

Pretty Impatiens can also be used to create very attractive contrasting plantings. 

2. Create Fascinating Foliage Mixes

Try mixing Persian Shield with a collection of coleus of varying shades and patterns for a riot of foliage colors. 

To bring out the silvery highlights of Persian Shield’s foliage, pairing with other plants with silvery foliage can be a good idea.

For example, think of mixing in Silver Plectranthus, Dusty Miller, or Lamb’s Ears. 

Ferns and Persian Shield can grow nicely together, and the contrast in the colors and shapes of their leaves can be very attractive. 

If you want a tropical look around your pond, pool, or spa, try planting larger foliage plants, such as Elephant Ear, Cannas (companion details), Caladiums, and Persian Shield. 

3. Create “Thrill, Fill And Spill” Planter Combinations

Because this versatile plant can be used as a perennial, an annual, or a houseplant with equal ease, possibilities in variations and combinations are endless.

If you live in a tropical setting where the plant can thrive outdoors year-round, you can still take a few cuttings and create beautiful indoor container arrangements using Persian Shield and almost any common houseplant.

Let your imagination be your guide. 

Use the mixed container formula, “thrillers, fillers, and spillers. “In almost all cases, Persian Shield will be your big, bright thriller.

You can use it as a backdrop or center it in the container.

Surround it with smaller foliage or floral filler, such as Dusty Miller, Dwarf Marigolds, Petunias, or any other small to mid-sized plant that will thrive in good quality potting soil and bright, indirect sunlight. 

Around the edges of your planter, add your spillers. These plants will ramble and dangle over the planter’s sides, such as ornamental sweet potato, nasturtiums, Pothos, ivy, or any other viney plant that suits your fancy. 

One or two Persian Shield plants centered in a large planter can be very prettily surrounded by Sweet Potato vines.

Use ornamental Sweet Potato in shades of deep purple, bright green, or actual sweet potatoes. 

Other good choices as companions in a planter, especially when keeping Persian Shield as a houseplant, include all varieties of Tradescantia. 

Most Plants Will Thrive Alongside Persian Shield

This Myanmar native is a member of the Acanthaceae family of plants.

It grows between 1’ and 3’ feet high and can do well in light settings ranging from partial shade to full sun.

Persian Shield does well in rich, well-draining soil with medium water requirements, so it is easy to pair it with a wide variety of interesting plants. 

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