6 Awesome Patio Floor Ideas [Flooring Options]

Is your backyard patio floor looking dull, boring, and lacking impact? In need of some great ideas to catapult your outdoor space into another world? But wonder if you can DIY or need to call the pros?

It’s a great time of year to spend an evening outside enjoying the glow from a patio fire pit while having a meal with friends. Your patio area needs to be up to date and ready to handle a party.

assorted collection of patio floor ideas

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At Houzz, they recommend starting any patio design with a solid foundation. Begin your planning process with this quick guide to patio flooring options – estimate costs, get to know the process and learn which materials work perfectly for your DIY projects. Also, you will learn about tools only left for the use of pros.

They share the nuts and bolts of working with some of the most popular choices. They also look at the estimated cost and if it is a DIY or Professional job for:

Check out these fun ideas to elevate your outdoor space so everyone can enjoy a quality time out on the patio. Details via: Houzz

Patio Floor Options

Now comes summer, the best time to enjoy the garden while sitting or barbecuing out on your patio. Everyone who owns a garden knows that concrete patios look classic. But these gray squares stuck in the middle of your brightly colored flowers may appear quite dull and might hinder the fun of the garden season.

Many people find a concrete floor boring and unattractive despite its durability and are easy to maintain. If this goes the same for you, there exist many options to beautify your patio.

6 Awesome Patio Floor Ideas To Go Beyond A Concrete Patio (Plus A Bonus!)

Patio Floor Tiles

This easy-to-assemble kind of patio tiles like these makes an excellent choice to enhance the look of your patio. You can choose from many designs and colors. Also, you can use these tiles anywhere!

They serve as one of the best options to create a dramatic patio at a budget-friendly price and a quick pace. The price ranges from $4 to $10 per square foot, and you can take on an easy DIY project. To protect your patio tiles from the elements, you may wish to apply a coat of sealant.

Brick and Stone

The old-fashioned brick patio delivers a classic, beautiful look if done properly. This gives an extraordinary vintage look to your patio.

Other options for outdoor patio flooring include brick pavers and stone with endless design possibilities.

If your patio design features a simple shape with straight edges and corners, and you work hard for a few days, then this can serve as a fun DIY project.

However, if you want a round or curvy-shaped patio, hire a professional to get the job done for you. This flooring can cost you anywhere from $8 to $16 per square foot and professional fee on top of it.

You can select between two ways in applying bricks: the dry method or the mortar method. The dry-laid process makes an excellent choice for those who work solo.

Magical & Inspiring Patios Made Of Stone

Concrete and stone make versatile materials capable of being used to create a charming courtyard, perfect area for contemplation, a beautiful water feature, or a sculpture or statue.

Need inspiration? Well, look no further than this slideshow from Houselogic.com with eight different stone patio ideas. With pictures and a brief description, this slideshow has plenty of great ideas and designs for all stone patios, including one sure to meet your needs!


This beautiful colored natural stone comes from the eastern US. Its shade varies from lilac to slate blue, so you can find the perfect color for your patio to match your home and garden. This option may cost greater if you live far from the eastern United States.

Generally, bluestone will cost around $17 to $32 per square foot, not including shipping. We do not recommend you create your patio with Bluestone. You need professional help to avoid damaging your beautiful stone.

All this can push up the cost much more. But the impressive result of this blue stone patio will earn the admiration of your friends and family. Really worth the price tag.


This traditional natural stone comes in lots of shapes and sizes, making a perfect option to update your patio area. With its durability and low maintenance nature, many people opt for flagstone. You can do this project as a DIY, but hiring a professional makes a good option if you want a more dramatic look.

For hiring a professional, it will cost you anywhere from $10 to $19 per square foot.

Wooden Decks

Wooden decking appears as the “in” thing and a classic form of the decorative patio. Before choosing this option, remember that caring for a wood deck exposed to the elements makes a big, continuous task. Covering the wood with sealants and regular sealing afterward will help your beautiful wood flooring last a long time.

You can also paint the deck with water-repellent preservatives to make it last. Ask the advice of the professionals who build your deck about proper care and protection. Too many sealants may cause mildew and rot development.

Should you go with plastic or wood for your deck?

patio deck wood plastic flooring options

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The backyard deck use to be constructed from wood and wood alone. Today, a deck can be made from many different materials.

There are things to consider when choosing a decking material… should the deck be made out of a composite plastic or wood.

One of the most important things to consider is where your deck will be located.

Will the deck be located and exposed to a place where there will be a lots of rain. If so, it is probably not best to go with a wooden deck as it may warp or even start to rot.

Other things to consider are size, cost, the style you want, and the type of maintenance you are willing to put into your deck.

Composite Decks

If you love the look of a wood deck but hate the maintenance work, you can always opt for a composite flooring. The composite looks like wood, especially if you get a high-quality version. However, they came from a combination of other materials.

This makes the surface of composite decks durable, solid, and low-maintenance. Also, these materials can resist stains and stand up better to harsh weather conditions. With minimum maintenance and maximum enjoyment, this makes a perfect option for your patio.

Should You Use Composite Timber In Your Garden/Landscape


Composite timber, on the other hand, makes a wise choice for those who want their outdoor surface to become super durable and low-maintenance.

Composite decking comes at a higher initial cost but can be offset by the fact that it does not require regular staining and sealing.

Houzz’s Falon has written an article giving some ideas on how homeowners can decorate to compensate for the slightly artificial look the newer composite timber sometimes has.

Also keep in mind that composite timber might require a little more maintenance in certain climates.

You may check other smart solutions for decking, even Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking.

This article from HouseLogic provides more smart options on decking along info in choosing decking materials.

In the Video: Installation of composite decking being “nailed” to the joist on a balcony or porch to create a clean looking outdoor patio space.


And for your bonus option, we have the concrete floor? Yes, but there exist numerous ways to revamp your “boring” concrete patio to make it updated and beautiful!

You can try painting, staining, creating faux-slate-styled patterns, creating a checkerboard pattern, arranging the concrete patio slabs in a stylish way, using artificial grass, including colored tiles, topping with concrete geckos, and more!

With options ranging from low-budget to high, this informative list which will help anyone looking for flooring options for their patio. So pick a number and get to work then have a barbecue for all your friends and family to enjoy and admire your garden!

We’ve assembled a collection of other ideas to dress up a patio floor, deck or garden room. Check them out below!

An Amazing Concrete Patio Stained To Look Like Tile… But Isn’t

Sometimes things are not as they appear. This DIY project packs an interesting twist. Instead of simply using tile on the patio they stained it to look like tile.

The core elements of this project included cleaning the concrete, staining it, and finally, sealing it. For “cleaning” the concrete they used muriatic acid on the concrete and “open it up.”

Afterward, they used tape to create the tile outlines. After taping the concrete, they applied the stain of choice. Then, after waiting for the stain to dry, add the sealer.

Great project with low cost and amazing results. Details at: beneathmyheart.net

She Transformed Her Patio By Painting An Outdoor Rug

patio floor with a painted "rug"

Outdoor spaces may function as the key to maintaining your sanity after a long day stuck at a computer or in a cubicle.

However, sometimes our outdoor spaces do not exactly pose as the bright and beautiful oasis we want them to appear.

Luckily, the ladies over at abeautifulmess.com came up with a creative way to spruce up your outdoor area. They painted a “beautiful rug” onto the cement of their porch.

With simple instructions and materials you can find at any home improvement stores, this seems like a great weekend project. I certainly like it more than one of those outdoor rubber flooring rugs. Check this article at: Abeautifulmess.com

More Ideas For A More Beautiful Concrete Patio

Appearance makes one problem many people encounter when they design a concrete patio deck.

It seems so hard to get a long-lasting professional look. Some ways to improve the design of your deck include refinishing the surface and stain treatment paving veneer. Otherwise, you may redo the pattern totally.

These may cost a lot of money. However, entirely replacing the deck appears as the only alternative you have. And as a matter of fact, this will cost you more money. Details via houzz.com

Tips For Picking The Right Floor For Your Garden

a collection of garden floor materials

Just because your garden room remains outside does not mean it does not need a floor. In fact, you can choose from a variety of different flooring depending on your desires and needs.

Flooring featuring rocks and gravel may give your garden a less formal feeling. On the other hand, you can easily clean and use those with hard flooring such as pavement and bricks for your most elegant gatherings.

Always consider the effects on the environment and the cost of the materials.

This post from houzz.com provides a list with detailed explanations of things to consider before moving forward on your new flooring to your garden room.

A Simple Wonderfully Chic Gravel Patio


Gravel patios make a fun alternative to generic wooden patios which often require constant staining and re-straining over the years due to weather damage.

Kevin at the Home Depot blog provided a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to create one.

Those who appreciate careful planning and craftsmanship will also appreciate the detailed directions and images. All of these guide you in every step of the way.

The result shows a patio exuding relaxing island vibes at the midst of a typical suburban setting. Check it out via homedepot.com